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Ovarian tumours


I had my right ovary and tube removed in April 2013 after they found a very large mass!! Whilst in surgery they found another one but then I had to have another operation in July 2013, my ovarian tissue was preserved!! It's been 2 months and I haven't had a period!!! I am 39 and want children !! What are my best options and is there anything I need to please

Please advise ???

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I am sorry I can't help with this, you could give the Ovacome helpline a ring and ask their advise tel 0845 371 0554

There is also a group on HU for infertility you might get some answers there too.

Best wishes love x G x


What sort of tumours did you have? I had very similar surgery in March (preserving half an ovary) and my consultant said it can take a while for things to get back to normal. But I would suggest you speak to your Dr. There are blood tests they can run to check your fertility levels which might give an indication as to what is going on. It might be worth discussing whether fertility treatment- egg/embryo freezing is an option?

Hope you get some answers.



Dear Sapphire

I'm sorry to hear you've had such a traumatic time. I think Gwyn's suggestions are excellent - but hopefully you have registered with your hospital that you hope to have children so they can give you the necessary support and advice. I'd be horrified if the oncology team didn't ask you about this as part of your treatment and suggest a referral.

I hope you have good outcomes and good news very soon. love Annie xxx


Thanks for the replies . They

Were ovarian tumours and I am glad that maybe my body will take time to heal which is why my periods have stopped


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