My Ovacome


just printed off some info "top 10 signs you have thyroid problem"

mentions carpal tunnel syndrome which my dr thought i had and went to physio to get gloves to in this info that CTS is sign of well as unusual loss of hair on outer edge of eyebrow.i noticed this some time last year thinking my eyebrows look thinner.

my dr said my glands are ok but he felt the sides of my neck not the front where thyroid is and I have lumps and poss dont know what glands he is talking about

don't want to complain about my dr but feel like need to inform someone that I am not being taken seriously and dr s aren't doing their job.everythign I have in my defence is getting nowhere

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Hi Alnbuma,

I wonder if you thought you have posted this on the thyroid forum, as this is the ovarian cancer wishes love x G x


sorry I thought I was there.had been looking in all forums.can I copy and paste it ??


No worries, but I don't know how to copy and paste ( not on my iPad anyway sorry ) love x G x


If its any help, I had some carpel tunnel problems a few years ago, they were sorted out partly by my reflexologist and partly by resting. My reflexologist worked specifically on the area (she does much more than feet) and I stopped sewing for around 6 to 9 months to give it chance to heal properly.

I know this doesn't answer your thyroid question, but if you have carpel tunnel problems, it's worth trying something other than a wrist support,( which I used occasionally too) I have once since had a few twinges in the area, but otherwise have been completely healed



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