Inter-peritoneal chemotherapy

Hello everyone, I am asking if any of you have had inter-peritoneal chemo, and if so how did you get referred? I have asked my onc about this previously and he said it is not available, but thanks to the Ovacome newsletter I am aware that there are 12 UK centres that offer this and it has been popular in America. Any info gratefully accepted and thank you all. 

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  • I live in Ireland so I am no use to you I just wanted to wish you all the best and tell you to see pushing for want you want - best wishes Trish

  • Thank you, I am Luk4ward's husband. My lovely wife was admitted to hospital two days ago with a suspected bowel blockage, she had only been discharged 3 weeks with the same thing so now her wait and watch appointment has been brought forward to 3rd May. As you know distressing times. Does the treatment differ much in Ireland to mainland UK?

  • I had inter peritoneal chemo but at the time of open surgery when I had debulking. It wasn't very popular and the oncologists were not keen on it -sadly I have had a recurrence so for me it wasn't the cure I was hoping for X

  • My wife has been admitted to hospital with a possible bowel blockage, so I am just following up Luk4ward's question. So sorry to hear inter-peritoneal was not the success for you we all wish it to be. If my wife's oncologist says that inter- is an option it will be her 5th line chemo. She was diagnosed 3c in 2011 and with debulking and Chemo the disease is classed as stable sadly and heartbreakingly the MDT suspect the spread is causing the hospital admission currently. We were told she would not make it past that first Christmas but she is here almost five years on so please don't lose heart.

  • I am interested in this too, going to ask Oncologist on Thursday, will let you know what she says.

  • Thank you, I will be seeing the oncologist the 3rd May so I will ask him again.

  • Hi, Luk4ward

    At the time of my diagnosis my cancer has widely spread around the abdomen covering quite a few organs, so I though inter-peritonial chemotherapy would be the best option for me. However, my surgeon/oncologists team said it wasn't adapted by the Royal Marsden due to many side-effects that sometimes overweigh benefits. I went therefore by one of the conventional routes called 'sandwich': chemo-op-chemo. I am due to have chemo 4 soon, and then my op. But I am interested in intra-peritoneal chemotherapy. Good luck! I hope you get the treatment you need.

    Please keep posting!


    Elena xxx

  • Hi, Elgrace

    My wife (Luk4ward) is currently in hospital with a suspected bowel blockage, so I am just following up my lovely wife's question. I feel inter-peritoneal should be a possible option for sufferers where it may help, but I feel oncologists lack the confidence to put it out there. My wife was 3c when diagnosed in 2011 and we see the oncologist the 3rd of May. My wife feels chemotherapy is going to be done and that will make it her 5th line. She had debulking in 2012 during her 2nd line. I hope that your chemo 4 and op make all the difference for you.

  • Thank you for your reply. I hope the surgery goes well and the following treatment will work for your lovely wife. Lots of love, Elena

  • Thank you Elena I will convey your kind wishes to my wife, William

  • Hi, 

    There is a report on the American site, Inspire, although I only glanced at it and did not read it in full.  But apparently results of trials have shown that this does improve survival. But you may find out differently.

    Good luck, Trix

  • Hi,

    I am Luk4ward's husband and I am following up my wife's question as she has been admitted to hospital with a suspected bowel blockage. I will read that report (thanks), and I have found being a witness to my lovely wife's cancer journey that most treatments conventional or otherwise effect every sufferer differently. It is the proverbial minefield.

    thank you Trix

  • I have read about this is on the US site too - Inspire - but the research results seem to be contradictory.

  • I am Luk4wards husband and I am following up my wife's inter-peritoneal question. My lovely wife has been admitted to hospital with a suspected bowel blockage. Thank you for your reply.

  • I had this as part of a clinical trial in 2012 for 3 cycles post op. I had few side effects compared with the standard chemo I'd had in the 3 pre op cycles and was NED afterwards having presented with 3c. However I had my first recurrence at around 6 months. I went on watch and wait and had a brilliant 18 months before I needed further treatment. So although it didn't cure me it was perhaps the IP that got it back to zero giving me more time until I needed the next lot. Maybe the standard chemo would have had the same result though - just no way of knowing.

    Beth X

  • Hi Beth, I am Luk4wards husband as my wife has been admitted to hospital with a suspected bowel blockage and I am following up her question. Sorry to hear IP did not cure but really great to hear that it gave you a massive breathing space. As you rightly say all the treatments effect everyone differently. 

  • Hi, my wife who was diagnosed in Dec 2015 with Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma 3C high grade, was suggested Intraperitoneal chemo + I V chemo by the surgeon, after debulking + HIPEC. The first onco that I went to did not do Intraperitoneal so I went to Singapore to check with them and they too did not do Intraperitoneal. Hence, I went back to the Surgeon and he recommended an onco who does. Meantime , I also took her papers to another well known surgeon and he too recommended intra peritoneal. Hence, we went ahead with intraperitoneal + I V and four cycles are done already out of six. So, it seems more of a surgeon thing and most onco's do not seem to vouch for it. We have chosen to take the bull by its horns and so far the results seem ok. Her CA 125 which was 750 is down to 19 after chemo #3. We live in India . 


  • Hi, I am Luk4wards husband as my wife has been admitted to hospital for a suspected bowel obstruction and I am following up her question. Great to hear your wife's response to IP+IV may it continue. It is interesting to hear the observation it could be a surgeon thing as my wife's oncologist has not supported the idea. I have asked to speak to one of the surgeon's because of my wife's bowel complications and will take the opportunity to discuss this. Thanks.

  • Hi, I had intraperitoneal  five years ago, I live in US. It is a very hard chemo, I could only do 3 out of 6, other ladies with me did much better, dr said ladies like my self that have had bad morning sickness tend to do worst with chemo, there are alot of drugs to counteract side effects. I still see two of my friends from five years ago, they are doing great, I have been on chemo with breaks in between feeling good enjoying family . Since I hit the five year mark, I was getting depressed,but I finally snapped out of it, everyone has been a great support group here, Good luck and God Bless, Rose

  • Hi Rose, I am Luk4wards husband as my wife has been admitted to hospital with a suspected bowel blockage and I am following up her question. My lovely wife's situation has run along similar lines she has had 4 lines over the past four and a half years and breaks in between sadly the bowel hospital admissions are very demoralising, absolutely punishing. But your reply suggests IP can be beneficial and glad to hear people you know have done well on it. Amazingly I am more depression prone than my wife but 5 years is a milestone in itself and I am happy you have perked up. My wife will be at that 5 year achievement September this year she says but I tell her the anniversary is 5 years from when she first got diagnosed which will make it the end of May. Finally I get the impression that America seems to be more pioneering than the UK would you agree? Good Luck and God Bless. 

  • I wish you and your wife the best, two years ago I had ascites on my bowels after 2 months of in and out of the hospital, I had a bowel bypass been doing great in that department now, that was a tough one very demoralizing, only thing that helped then was pain medicine which is a catch 22 with bowel obstruction, seems so long ago, prayers sent your way, Rose

  • Thank you for the good wishes Rose, could you explain a bit more about the tough experience you had with ascites on your bowels please. My wife has an ileostomy because of debulking in 2012, so she only has her small bowel.   

  • I  had so many bowel obstruction and chemo was not kicking in quick enough so my Dr, went to do surgery to resection intestine, when he had me under he did a bowel bypass instead he really wanted to avoid resection, Thank-God it worked and more chemo cured the ascites that took a toll and intestine, it was the large intestine, been working great since.

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