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Some help navigating the new platform

Here's some information that will help you quickly familiarise yourself with the new layout.

*HealthUnlocked Green Bar*


This Home page includes your picture, news feed (showing recent posts from all the communities you are part of), profile section with a bar in top right (showing percentage of profile completed).


This is a list of all the communities you are part of and the directory showing other communities you can join.

Your Username:

If you click your username you will be shown a dropdown: profile, messages, email preferences, and account. By clicking 'profile' you are taken to an area where you add information about yourself (conditions, symptoms, etc). 'Messages' takes you to your inbox. 'Email preferences' takes you to your account settings so that you can adjust your notification settings. 'Account' takes you to the same settings page.


This takes you to the support section of HealthUnlocked. You can find FAQs and more here.

*Navigating the Ovacome Community (or any other one you have joined)*

If you click 'Communities' in the HealthUnlocked green bar at the top and click on 'Ovacome' you'll be brought to this community. You can also type in your internet browser.

While in the community you'll see another (different shade of) green bar. It looks like this: a Home (house) Icon, Questions, Posts, Polls, Members & About Us.

Home Icon (not Home on green bar):

brings you back to the home page of the community

Questions - click on questions, then ask a question, add the details of your question and submit

Posts - click on Posts, then fill in your post, add the details of your post and submit

Polls - click on Polls to see recent poll, pie chart, your vote and responses underneath

Members - click on Members, shows a list of members then use the search bar to find a member

About us - this contains information about Ovacome (soon to be added and expanded)

If you need further assistance please email

Do you have any further questions? Add them to the comments and I will respond as soon as possible.



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Hi Matt, noticed a change today, I tend to use my Android tablet for access but today it was,nt having any of it. I moved from the in built browser to one I downloaded and everything is now fine. Just so you know the android software release I was using was 4.0.3. You may find others using Android own browser cannot get to the HU site. Rgds Paul


Thanks Majorbem (and sorry for the slow response). Mobile and tablet has been many of the worst bugs (because of the completely new responsive system). I've passed this on to the team. Hoping to iron all these out in the next few days.


One simple question: why doesn't it work on Windows 7 and IE10?


Not sure I understand the new format. You cannot see the lists of blogs and questions. A little confusing.


I must admit, once i'd been in it seems ok to me. Seem to have lost some history but I'm sure it must be somewhere......


Dear Matt

Mine's not so much a question but more a comment. I really like the idea of the 'recommend' button. I'd imagine for professionals reading these posts for research purposes it might be a way of picking up trends or majority responses. As a user I do feel that recommends should be like posts and questions and it should be clear from hovering over the recommends button who has recommended in the same way as Facebook works. It feels rather uncomfortable having an anonymous poll on people's opinion.

Please anyone who disagrees do post below. This is just my take on it. All the best. Annie


Dear Matt

It's really helpful that a post automatically shows up tags drawn from the text but it would be helpful if the member could add their own tags too. I'm sure it's on the 'to-do' list but thought I'd mention it. x Annie


Hi Matt

I was pleased to get my daily fix today, I couldnt get into posts yesterday, I thought is it me! Then realized that you had posted in the morning, and that you may have been working on Sunday with the site, If this is so, thank you for being committed to helping us, I know you have had a few moans and groans including me. I am getting there though.I appreciated the updates as I am a simple commuter user, at least I am giving my repair man some peace!!!,

Regards Barbara


Sorry this shows my point I think perhaps very simple. as you can see two many presses down to send !!!



I am not having fun attempting to respond to a post. It keeps asking me to put in a title but with nowhere to put one in.


Me too. Technophobic at the best of times but climbing the walls with this...


Looking good, may I suggest that the forgotten password click be moved further away from the password because with these touch type screens and clumsy fingers its too easy to select forgotten password before entering password. Rgds Paul


There may be an answer elsewhere, but wherevarecall the old posts, tributes and poems especially? They were useful as well to refer women to when they wanted info on preparing for ops or coping with HRT or feeling down before check-ups, etc. they were questions that were Sked so often Nd there was a wealth of experience Nd common sense on there.


Wendy xx


Wendy everything is still there it is the tags that have changed. Gwyns original tag of "Musings of Gwyn" for example will have been replaced with tags auto generated just as the new posts are. I messaged HU and they assure me they are looking at the issue. The engineers apparently need to meet to discuss it. I agree it would be good for people to be able to access the older posts more easily.

Andy x


How do I attach a photo or article to a post please ?




hi matt,did you get my message about the post I sent to caramel about her sister miracle which ended up in the fannyanny site!! Also sent a reply to Gwyn but cannot find it!! Need to send a private message to Gwyn so how do I do it?



Dee I have already sent you a message love x G x

You will find it circled in red at the top by your name.


Hi Dee, ref sending PM to Gwyn, its easier to find a recent post (or reply to a post) by her and click on her name typed in blue ink. That will pull up profile page. Top right beneath pic is send message button, click and the rest is straight fwd. Xx paul


Thanks Paul I have sent a message to Gwyn so hope she gets it. Thanks for your help



I can't work out any of it really . A lovely lady did send me best wishes and i think i thanked her and responded a little more but for some reason i don't seem to understand how i might see if any other people have chosen no chemo and how what why they did ? how do I get to that community ? If there is one?


Not sure if your talking about messages or posts, if its messages click on your screenname and select messages, it will list your old conversations in the inbox. Xx


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