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Ovarian Cancer Wristbands

Does anyone know where i can get silicone wristbands with an Ovarian cancer message on from? I am hoping to start running again soon and would like to look at some races to target and would like something suitable to wear on my wrist for this. I have looked online but haven't found anything in the UK and the best one i found in the US said it shipped here but then at checkout it only gave local (US) pick up! I don't mind paying international postage if i can get the right thing.

Cheers. MB x

P.s Also trying to keep myself occupied whilst waiting for MRI scan in 2 weeks (and follow-up oncologist appointment and results a week later) after completing first line treatment last Thursday!!! Lots of good vibes needed!!!! :-)

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You can get them from tamsinarmstrong@yahoo.co.uk

Or go on the Ovarian Cancer Action Website as the same person is selling them on there.

Love x G x :-)


I forgot to say it is lovewomen.tributefunds.com


I would like to add that they are sold in aid of an Ovarian Cancer Charity ( so are not a business) I couldn't remember the rest of the lovewomen but if you go and look on Ovarian Cancer Action and type in Lovewomen it might come up....but the email address is the one I have provide love x G x :-)


Hi again Gwyn.

I have just looked on the ovarian cancer action website but unfortunately there isn't a search facility and there doesn't appear to be any reference to wristbands. However i have sent an email to tamsin at the address you sent me so hopefully i should be able to get some from her. Also i may buy some of the marks and spencer knickers that are being sold through the Ovarian Cancer Action website!!! ovarian.org.uk/get-involved... :-) :-)


Thankyou Gwyn i will take a look. x


There's also Café Press for ovarian cancer merchandise. They were a good supplier and do a range of running t-shirts too.


Best of luck with your running and awareness-raising.


Cheers Annie,

I looked on cafe press before but didn't see any wristbands but i'll have another look. The 'running' t shirts tend to be cotton ones though and not technical running shirts and although i wont be running very fast (!!!) i don't usually wear cotton when i run as i get too hot and sweaty. Nice. ;-)

Thanks for your quick response ladies, we really do have a wonderful support network on here.




Hi! There's a site called promotionsonlywristbands.co.uk but I think you'd have to design and buy min of 50. You could sell them and make some money for charity though :-)

All the best with your recovery and well done for completing chemo.

Love Wendy xx


Thankyou for your good wishes Wendy, i am pleased to have finished chemo but i am in that limbo stage at the moment! Anyway I will look at just getting a wristband myself as a starter but will definitely consider the above once i have started running again!x


Hi Mummybear

I got some from Ovations for the Cure, a USA site supporting women with ovca.


If you contact them and tell them what you're doing and why you may find they are prepared to do a deal - and any profits go to them.

Here's to a speedy and long lasting recovery.



Thankyou Becky i will have a look.x


You can also get them from Target Ovarian Cancer! I have one from there. Just google them for their site or they are on Facebook! Uk site h main colour white!


Thanks i'll have a look.x


Hey hi,

You can get an ovarian cancer awareness wristbands here amazingwristbands.com/amazi...

Actually here you can customize your wristbands on your own and there no minimums required… Also you can get your bands at wholesale price.. Try them and keep raising awareness....


Thanks Billie Jean. I had look at the link and it looks interesting. Only thing is there are no prices it just says 'get a detailed quote in minutes'. We're going away for the weekend so will have a proper look after that. I got a couple saying 'ovarian cancer awareness' this week from Tamsin Armstrong (as advised by Gwyn) though so i may just stick with those for now but thanks anyway.




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