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Tomatoes again!

Tomatoes again!

Following on from Whippit's Tomato Plant post, last year my son got a bit overenthusiastic with growing tomatoes. He had about 30 of the things all over the garden, stole all my pots and took the place over. Not wanting to dampen his enthusiasm I happily allowed it but it was worth it for the laughs we had when it came to Harvest time. He came running in, so excited, "Mummy! Mummy! I've got a man Tomato"

Hope his 'Man Tomato' makes you smile today...........



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Hi Elaine,

Very funny! ...Annie has a man tomato... (A Tomartin anyway which must be a cross between a man and tomato... Teehee love x G x :-D


Haha that's so funny Elaine. Children say the most hilarious things!

Love Col xxxxxxxxx :) :) :)


I love that story Elaine! So funny. You must've made a lot of tomato chutney last year! xxx love Annie


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