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Time goes so fast

it doesn't see long since I last wrote, but I now see it was early Nov! To get you up to date - I had my last chemo (no 9 of the course) on Dec 13th, when my CA125 was down to 16, and started packing for our cruise. Got myself 2 lovely evening dresses, one for Christmas Day and one for New Year's eve, and left on Dec 20th. Sailed away with high hopesand enjoyed it until Boxing day when I caught the bug doing the rounds, and was confined to an inside cabin for 72 hours until it cleared up.... I did manage to get out and have a half day ashore before we had New Year's eve, which was as fantastic as I had hoped it might be.

Since coming home I have been making the most of no chemo, and been out and about, using all the factilities at my disposal with support groups and friends and pampering.

Tomorrow is blood test ready for onc on Monday to see where we go from here.......... I'll let you know next week!

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Good luck on both counts!

Glad you had a great cruise, wondered how it had gone.

You've done well with your chemo. I finshed my weekly taxol ( 5th line)on dec 2nd. Ca 125 on 29th had come down from 4000 to 380. Ct showed disease stable so will have to be thankful for small mercies and just try and enjoy the day. Am getting better at it now the chemo is getting out of the system. My omentum wasn't removed at surgery which has meant no ascites ( yet) but I think it has meant that the disease has become more widespread quicker . 6 of one and half a dozen I reckon!

Off for an aromatherapy body massage in a few days and a friend and I have booked ourselves a spa day ibn a fortnight! Lots to look forward to

Take care



I am pleased that you were able to enjoy the cruise and the dresses. Where did you go? We have been toying with taking our first cruise - sailing from UK. It can't be too long and we have been advised to make it a last minute decision so any recommendations would be very welcome. It sounds as if you have the capacity to enjoy yourself no matter what the circumstances - my sort of lady.

Good luck with the blood test and the blood test and the oncologist; and enjoy your day at the spa.

love Angela


Hi Angela,

Our cruise was 15 days to the Canaries...but our best cruise was the Norwegian Fjords, from Southampton in the summer. Lots of ships go up that way, and the smaller ones obviously can manage the more difficult Fjords! I must admit we like P&O as it is an English company, but as Anna said, the smaller ones don't always have the facilities and entertainments the larger ones have. Depends what you want - some

of the late availablilty bookings are very good value.

go for it and enjoy it.

good luck


Great to hear from you Viv. So glad the cruise went well and you are enjoying life as you usually do!

Love Lizzie



Great to hear you had a great holiday Viv, despite the bad 72 hours. Good luck with the bloods and enjoy your chemo free time.

Angela I can recommend cruises. We had never cruised until about 3 years ago, hubby wouldn't do it. But we love it, but being on maintenance chemo I need lots of rest, so we just unpack and relax. We can go inshore if we want, I siesta every afternoon which gives me the strength to stay up until the early hours dancing or just chatting. No restaurants to hunt for if you are

staying in a resort, all is laid on for you. In fact it is the tlc I crave.

At the moment with my new chemo regime it is difficult to pre book, but we will definitely do something again this year.

A tip - we prefer the smaller cruise ships, more intimate, not the glitzy shows etc., It all depends on what you like. Also we left from Venice on one cruise - it was magical. Venice has always been my dream place to go and it didn't disappoint, I would love to go again. But leaving from Venice is just so romantic and so beautiful.

Love Anna xx


Hi Viv! Great that you enjoyed the cruise experience, if not the bug bit of it. All the very best for the next blood test, we'll all be thinking of you and hoping things are stable, or even better!

Love, Wendy xx


Thanks for all the cruise advice ladies. I agree about smaller ships - sounds more like us. So JUne/July - here I come.



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