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Brilliant Web Seminar - Immunotherapy for Gynaecological Cancers

I registered for a series of web seminars and have attached the link below for you guys to see the one on Immunotherapy for Gynaecological Cancers which was incredibly informative and hopeful. There are a series of these being broadcast so it would be worthwhile to register for as many as you like. If, like me, you are in the UK, they come out (usually!) at seven in the evening (2.00 US time).

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Thank you love x G x :-)


Dear Elaine

Thanks for posting up this link. I've just registered to receive news of up and coming seminars. I worked for a university for years and have been missing access to their guest lectures. This will certainly be stimulating reading.

A great link! x Annie


Thanks Elaine

I have just registered for future seminars and will read up on those I've missed. Sounds interesting.

xxxx Colette


Thanks Elaine. I'm looking forward to hearing the seminars. It has to be the way to go instead of the punishing treatment we have now

Francesca x


Thanks Elaine - I have registered for some. Really applicable because I have bad clear cell prognosis which is auto immune and T cell problems. I am chemo platinum resistant so as much knowledge on all other alternatives gives some control when seeing my oncologist. Love Moira


That looks really interesting thank you.

This website may be helpful for you to look at-


They are running an online clinic on gynaecology 5-11 March 2014. Experts online answer directly to questions posted within the clinic.



Thanks Holly x


You're welcome, hope its useful :-) x


I have read quite a bit about immunotherapy and when asking my own Onc. he was pretty unsure what to say sure it will be the way forward for cancer, strengthening our own immune system rather than cutting down to zero with chemo. Thank you for this link, please keep us updated on any info.

Love to all Jenny


Dear Jenny,

This post is over a year old though... and one wonders how much further on they have got love x G x


Hi Gwyn read in the mail that making good progress with advanced bladder cancer using immunotheraphy only on saturday. Very sure its the new way forward, hope to us all on this sight. Hope your keeping well, I was not so bad this time with caelyx I think they reduced the dose not so tired. Take Care Love Jenny xxx


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