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Has anyone got any thoughts please xx

Hi all, many thanks for all your replys it is helpful to know others have been in a similar situation. Have visited my GP who has referred me for urgent ultrasound due to the bloating of the abdomen again and the fact that i am getting pain on and off in both areas of the kidneys. Also received a further letter from recent surgery check up and one line of which concerns me and it is "needs to have metastatic disease from her primary colorectal carcinoma excluded" was not aware i had a colorectal carcinoma!!! any thoughts anyone, thanks Nessie

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Ring the GP immediately. That's not the way to share news. Please do explain to the receptionist what has happened and ask for an appointment today so you can be given an explanation and reassurance.

Please let us know how you get on. xx Annie


Annie is right - that is appalling. I would insist upon speaking to the sender of the letter, or a colleague, if they are not at work today.

Hope you are reassured v soon.



I would ask for an emergency appointment, it's unfair to expect you to worry, or ring your consultants secretary.



Um, I have heard of a case where colon cancer was mistakenly diagnosed as mucinous ovarian cancer. Apparently there is a colon cancer that typically metastasizes to the ovaries and is sometimes mistaken for ovarian cancer. Sometimes the original bowel tumour can be missed. This is rare but I thought it was worth mentioning. It might be worth asking some questions. Hope you get the answers you need. Cx


Hi there

It is true that mucinous OVCA ( which I also had ) can actually be a secondary from the gut. I would suspect though that whoever wrote the letter has got the wrong end of the stick and may not have read your notes properly.

I hope you get answers soon.

Charlie xxx


I agree with Charlie but best to double check withe the practice and the letter writer to be sure and prevent further misunderstandings xxx


Hi all, many thanks for your replies, Just to keep you up to date have received an appointment for the ultrasound which is on friday, so fingers crossed xx nessie


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