Little temp......any thoughts??

Hey all! I am sitting watching the Voice day 11 Chemo 6 and I have a little temp 37.6 mine is always between 36.5 and 36.8. I do feel like I might have a sinus infection headache, pressure around the eyes and a bit shaky! I am soooooo totally reluctant to go up to A&E.........plan is wait and see if it goes down if it goes to 38 will go to A&E but the thoughts of it on a Sat night fills me full of dread?? Any thoughts..??


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  • Fingers crossed it won't go over the dreaded 38. Thinking of you let us know how you get on xxx

  • Thanks Trish! Just hit the 38 and spoke to VHI nurse and it's A&E for me!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 


  • Hopefully they will fast track you and get a space on your own...its early yet on Saturday so fingers crossed.

  • I am in vincents,  a&e is quiteter than normal if you are heading here! So sorry to hear that! 

  • Other side of the country Trish in Mayo! They have me hooked up to fluids now and then Antibiotics. A&E quiet tnite so far in any case! Sorry you are in the same situation.......typical isn't it!!! Ah well I brought a book and a movie so came prepared! Hope all goes ok for you too!! Dx

  • Hope it all goes ok and hey have you on the mend soon xx glad you went on though you can never be too cautious with the temperatures ! Xxxx

  • Oh Hun Im sure all will be ok, but better to be on the safe side.there are so many bugs going around,you may have just been unlucky.

    I always have the option of ringing my doctor and getting a return call from a locom,maybe that is an alternative in the future as you may get prescribed anti b's from a phone call,but anyway, I wish you well and let us know how you are,


    Carole xxx

  • Very impressed gowned up and in an isolation room already.......took about 5 mins!!! 


  • Wow where ever you are that's amazing !!! Really quick !

  • How are you mate? x

  • Hey Debs! 

    Not too bad must be some bug or other l hope in any case! Very impressed with the care so far! Hope all good with you if I recall correctly your surgery is week after next?


  • Hi D

    Just seeing your post now and by now I hope you are feeling so much better. You sound like a cool cookie despite the temperature . I hope to be as calm if I am ever in the same boat. Keep smiling


  • Pleased you feel a bit better.  xx   Oh Lordy yes it is on the 19th.  So nervous!

  • I would go.. as a cancer/chemo patient I've been a number of times to hospital with my temp same as yours.. seen straight away and diagnosed.. amazing service.. good luck! Michelle x

  • Hope you feel a bit better now you've had some medication.  Take care.  X

  • Yes, Check the temp every 35 minutes and if it keep rises, off you go..If you normally have lower body temp, then anything above 37 if a slight temp for you. They say that it can be between 35 to 37.5 ( or  thereabouts)...Just see if it goes up...Better safe than sorry.....They dont want you to get any sort of infection..Keep checking...If it goes up..Go !!!

  • Hi D, I hope by now you are feeling a lot better, it's great you were seen to so quick. I know the hospitals are in bits here in Ireland but I have found them terrific in my case whether it was Cancer related or not. You are getting the treatment you deserve. Hope you are home to your own bed soon. Kittie.

  • May you escape soon!  My temp went up and it was Swine Flu. I felt fine and isolation was for everyone else's sake. I was in 5 days and crawling up the wall by the end willing my temperature to go down. I was lucky too as it was straight to the chemo suite when I rang in. It happened a second time and I didn't go in and boy did my oncologist rant when I told him that I had had a temperature but had waited and after a few days it went down. He was not pleased at all. So hope you will soon be out and back on track. Val x

  • Hey all! 

    Thanks for all your wisdom! They kept me in last night and are going to keep me tnite too! They think it's a sinus infection and want to make sure the temp is coming down its 37.3 at the min! My white cells were good so they are not too worried but they are just being cautious! 

    Must admit I am impressed with everything they have been great and it's great to be able to tell a good story of A&E these days!!!! 

    Thanks again to you all and hopefully I will be back in my own bed tomorrow!!! 

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Hi HogwarthsDK, well indeed that was service, I am sorry for not replying to your original post but was off form a bit.   You did the right thing and obviously met some medics with sense.   I am really glad the temp is on its way down.  Sinus problems can be sickening to be honest, I suffer from them and it is only at the end of the oral antibiotics I come around.  With the IV you are better faster.    I use the Neil med rinses you can get over the counter in the chemist and found them great while on Avastin.  Just use once or twice a day for a few weeks and while the idea is daunting it does work.  Glad you will be heading home tomorrow

  • Hi D,

    Just seen your posts and glad to hear they are looking after you, hope you will be home soon.

    Ellsie xx

  • Hi D just seen your post glad you are getting the care you need and after antibiotics and fluids you will be on the mend.  Hope you feel a bit better to take care xx

  • So glad that you are having good treatment, and hope that you continue to recover xx

  • It's good they are looking after you so well.

    Fingers crossed you are not kept in past Monday, but in the best place, I don't know why we always get ill at the weekend

    LA xx

  • Good to hear your in safe hands. Hopefully you'll have a restful night and get home tomorrow. 

    Take care 

  • Hey all! 

    Back home TG! Two antibiotics! Infection markers still a little elevated but WBC good so have to take antibiotics and go back next week to get bloods checked again!! 

    Have to admire the staff in the hospital it was crazy busy I don't know how they do it day in day out!!! The system is most definately not where it should be or anywhere near it but the people who work in it are among the best and we are very lucky that they stick with it I don't know if I would if I was them!!! 

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Good to hear you are back home .All the best xxx

  • Coming late to your post but your A&E sounds fantastic. Must say it's also brought home to me I really ought to learn the metric thermometer as I only know 98.4 F.  When I first ordered my thermometer and it arrived only measuring Centigrade digitally, I eventually put it quietly away.  I'm thinking I should be a bit more diligent just in case. 

    I'll start learning tomorrow. 


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