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Shingles immunisation: start asking!

The government plans to offer this groundbreaking immunisation (spray, not injection) for OAPs and children in a few months time - no mention of us poor immuno-compromised cancer sufferers. bbc.co.uk/news/health-22335511

I cannot imagine a worse infection while on chemo or afterwards - was told by the doc that my immune system would take years to get back up to strength.

If we don't ask, we won't get - if experience is anything to go by. What do you bet that this will be another one where some GPs give it, others don't...?

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I was thinking the same thing myself Sue. I' had 2 attacks of shingles before cancer. Not nice. My sister-in-law, who had breast cancer (at the same time as I had OC) has had shingles 5 times!!! I was quite surprised cancer patients didn't get a mention. My GP is usually pretty helpful so I will be asking.

Love Mary xx


Thank you Sue,

It was on the news this morning and so was Lord Saatchi...(he was very good) love x G x :-)


I saw that on the Beeb too Gwyn ..he was indeed very good ..... poor chap was full of emotion as you would expect him to be after losing his wife to OC .

Hope you are ok ?? xx

Love J x


Hi Sue, I'm sure they just forgot about us immuno-compromised folk. I qualify as an OAP but will ask why cancer patients are exempt. As it's a spray I don't think the live vaccine thing would apply, maybe another reason but will certainly check it our. I have had shingles numerous times prior to OC so it is something I would prefer to avoid.

love Chris x


Dear Sue

Thanks for reminding me. I thought when I heard the news that it would be wise to take action to prevent it during chemotherapy.

I'll ask my GP. He's really helpful. Apparently there's a season for these things. I kid you not! He said he's given an allocation of inoculations, e.g. Flu Jab and advised me to go in September when he gets them in!

So perhaps the question for our GPs is what's the season for Shingles Immunisation! xxxx A


Dear Sue ,

Had Shingles last year while having chemo .. Just pure hell ... as my skin Just broke down and it was in a right pickle ....

So why is it not being given as a matter of course to cancer patients ??

There we go again having to fight for what should be offered to us as well .........

Love Jan xxx


As usual it seems a bit piece meal but I think I'll ask my doctor for it. Thanks for reminding me

Cheers Francesca x


Dear All

The shingles vaccine is a 'live' one so I will be asking our medical advisory board whether it will be suitable for cancer patients who are having immune suppressive treatment. In the past 'live' vaccines have been avoided in anyone having such treatment



Thanks Ruth. Could you ask how soon after end of chemo it becomes advisable to have live vaccines too (unless you know) as it takes a while for the system to come back on line properly...




This is such a good idea - but why on earth don't they say EVERYONE over 70 will be entitled to have it? I will have it as a 70 year old but my husband is 73 and will not until he is almost 78/9. If there is to be a shortage of vaccine, why not start at 79 and work back?

My poor Mum had shingles and had the pain from the nerve damage for the rest of her life.

Solange x


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