Start of my 10th year and halfway through treatment

Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a while, briefly I was diagnosed 3c, and 3 surgeries, several lines and equally remissions (determined to be positive!) later.  I'm currently on carbo/topotecan and got my scan results this week. Good news is that the tumours (near the spleen) have reduced by 50%, fluid all gone and CA125, tho it's still over 1000, hopefully will continue to drop.  I'm BRCA1 and olaparib has been discussed but only for future maintenance.  Such a roller coaster - we live with such uncertainty, but do our best to get on with it!  I'm still working pretty much full time, and had a really happy night at the Oliviers a couple of weeks ago. My company even won one!  Just wanted to share with you, hope something really nice happens for everyone this weekend, we deserve it! Meryl xx

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  • What a lovely post. Working full time and 10 years - you rock!

  • What a great post. Such positivity and such a long time dealing with this bugger. Well done on the awards too xxxx Trish

  • Glad you are still working, it helps me to and glad you've had a fab night with an award to. Great that you've had good results,  you've been through so much 

    Best wishes 



  • Hi Meryl, lovely to get a positive post.  Great you are doing so well and working away while on treatment.   I hope your ca 125 continue to drop.  I agree with what you said, this is a rollercoaster and we have to do our best to cope as best we can,    Best wishes

  • Hi, Meryl,

     Good news, and the chance of olaparib, so pleased to read positive results.

    Best wishes , Trix x

  • Ten years and still working and AWARDS too ! How wonderful are you ?

    Thank you for such an optimistic post . Sharing is good xx

  • Wow! Respect to you...and there was I wondering if I could manage one day a week! Xxx

  • Hello Meryl

    Ten years, that's fantastic. You're absolutely right, a roller coaster of uncertaintity and yet doing our best to get on with it.  Enjoy your weekend too and congrats at the Oliviers win. 

    All the best


  • A wonderful post,thanks for sharing!!  Love and best wishes xx

  • Hi everyone, thanks so much for your uplifting replies. I'd wished something nice for us all this weekend, and how nice it is to hear such lovely warm thoughts from you all. Made my day😄 Mx

  • What an inspirational post, new to this bugger not started my treatment yet, but reading 10 years on has given me so much hope. My day has started on a positive note with a big smile.

  • Yes, thanks for sharing this. My ca125 is 800+ although the tumours are shrinking (I'm halfway through 3rd line). Inhofe yours continues to fall.

  • Meryl

    You inspire me and give me the hope I really need at this time. Well done on your work award too. Please stay in touch . It is good to hear that your tumours are reducing and CA125 dropping. You really are a good news girl despite as you say the uncertainty we all face most days. Keep it up. 


  • Wow, 10 years, fantastic, here's to the next 20 years xx

  • Brilliant post. Gives us all hope. Thank you. Ann xo

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