New Treatment , Could It Work ???

New Treatment , Could It Work ???

Well that's me half way through my treatment had my scan last week and got results from Onc on Wed just passed ... not great news but gd all the same .. my tumours haven't shrunk as the onc had hoped but they HAVE stopped growing ... so she's happy with that ...

Now before going .. my band mate told me off a charity golf tournament he had played in last weekend in aid of Mistletoe For Cancer UK - ... he mentioned to the guy who runs it in Aberdeen ( they have treatment centres all over ) about me and my plight and he said i should mention it to my onc as u can get referred from them for treatment ... so mentioned it to her and surprisingly she had heard of it , like everything else mixed results but what she did say is that even the ones it didn't have great results with , the people actually reported feeling better generally as the treatment didn't make them as ill as the chemo did , she agreed that we should try everything ..

My nearest treatment centre is Glasgow ( Glasgow Health Board ) but because i live in Fife she has to see if Fife Health Board will pick up the bill for me getting treatment in Glasgow .. so fingers crossed .. will keep u posted .. anyone interested in reading about this treatment should go have a look .. it makes interesting reading or has anybody else on here heard or used this treatment , would be great to speak to someone who has tried it xx

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  • Hi Sharon,

    Lovely to hear from you... yes! there are quite a few people on here that has either tried that or is still on it, I've no doubt you will get an influx of people soon, I haven't had any experience of this myself, but I just wanted to send you my best wishes, thinking of you love x G x :-)

  • Aww Thanks Gwyn .. hope ur well .. that's fantastic to hear and i i really hope so .. i'm dying to read the replies .. x

  • You can also look it up under "tags" xx 8-)

  • I understand that if Fife won't cough up you can buy the Iscador via a private prescription for £90. Also, if you get a letter from a prescribing doctor in the homeopathic hospital your GP can prescribe it on the NHS. Hopes this helps.

  • Interesting... Also love the totaliser on their site, we need something similar.

    Nice to see people starting to formally track and report on complementary treatments an therapies as its the only way they get properly considered.

    Do you get any snogging as a bonus though?



  • Dear Sharon,

    As Chrystyn says it's possible to consult a homeopath and they will make a referral to your GP who my homeopath says can prescribe it. I've seen the homeopath - an excellent meeting at LOC in London, and she's written the referral letter. I just have to get round to a meeting with my GP to get a prescription. I spoke to my GP before I saw the homeopath and he said he knows nothing about homeopathy but will support me and follow my case with interest.

    What you've been told about Iscador is correct. It does tend to make people feel better and that to my mind is part of the route to living longer with cancer. I started my course of Iscador drops 10 days ago. I have to take them morning and night for 5 days and then have a break over the weekend. I felt as though I was on speed for the first week - and then left the drops in London so I'm having a 10 day break instead of a two day break. I'll take them up again when I go back to London and retrieve the bottle!

    The other debate is whether to have drops or injections. If you have injections the NHS can pay for the Iscador but not the injection equipment. That's not the reason I opted for drops. My hoimeopath said there was no scientific evidence (as with any homeopathic treatment) whether drops or injections were more efficacious. I opted for drops ultimately because I have enough needles going into my veins at the moment and I take the view that some Iscador is better than none.

    I'll wish you every bit of luck with this. I fear Avastin would have been beneficial for you and you've been denied it because of the Scottish Assembly. Surely you can argue in that case you should have access to Iscador. If not it can be bought from Weleda for £80 per phial which lasts a month.

    Keeping my fingers crossed you get it. My homeopath did stress it was to compliment traditional therapies and not instead of and it does lead to a cure - merely better health which to my mind will help me fight cancer and tolerate the treatments better.

    wishing you love and luck. xxxxx Annie

  • Hi Sharon. It's great that the mistletoe can offer some chance of holding things at bay. Really useful link too. I must get going withnorganisingbsomethingbfornour local golf club. Thanks again, and hope the treatment continues to keep things under control for you.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am seeing GP about a referral to Camphill as we speak as I was told not to do it during chemo, Just had chemo number 17 since 2010 or 2nd of cisplatin/paclitaxol and may well need to have some more cisplatin after chemo number 18, need to wait to see scan results.

    I attended the Target Ovarian Cancer Being together day in Perth and we had a very informative "Ask the Expert", Prof Charlie Gourlay, Professor and Honorary consulltant in medical Oncology spoke about Bevacizumab (Avastin) and the reasons for the Scottish Medical Council not supporting its use - do a google search for Prof Charlie Gourley and you will see his letter to the SMC. It seems the problem is with the trials using a particular amount of the drug and this amount being supported by the drugs company and Prof Gourley advocating that it would be as effective and of course more cost effective to use a lower level. Until people stop working in silos are we ever going to see the benefit of the first real improvement in treatment in 15 years.



  • does it have to be a homepathic oncoligist to get the presciption from? n. irelanddoes not have any homepathic centres as yet,

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