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Happy Christmas from the household of Curcumin Lady

I know that the vast majority of people on this board have terrible stress and/or sadness in their lives, but here's a heartfelt wish you get the maximum possible enjoyment out of the forthcoming holiday season in whatever circumstances you find yourselves!

As for my Missus? She has now had four 3-monthly checkups now since her last treatment - all CA-125 readings burbling around the 10 U/mL level with no upward trend - if you met her today, you'd never guess she'd been ill at all. We've found out some things over the past year which we hadn't heard at the time... like how the district nurses who looked after her at home after the first of her four operations had been told to deliver palliative care because she was not expected to recover!! Proof-positive that things can improve even when they seem very bleak (though we're very glad we didn't know that particular detail at the time!)

Happy Christmas everybody!

(She and I continue to take Curcumin daily :-) )

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What a lovely and positive post!!

Hope you and your wife have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love Kaz x x


Merry christmas to you both from Sandra and Paul


Positive news just what I needed to see, long may it last for your lady and you. Best wishes too.


Hi Plum

So glad that things are going well! I can remember the discussions on curcumin and I take it as well, I was advised to for help with joint pain. If it works, however, don't knock it! Long may your lady stay well.

Happy Christmas and all the best for a healthy 2014

Love Wendy xx


Thanks so much for this story of hope, and for your good wishes. I hope you both have a fabulous time. Vxxx


Tbanks for an uplifting story. Seasons greetings. Avis


Lovely news for a lovely time of the year, thank you and much love to you both.Bttexx


Great news and it encourages me to continue with my curcumin supplements too, happy Christmas and thank you for posting such a positive post x


In what form do you take Cucumin and where do you source it from?? Positivity is essential! Wendy xxx


The version we both take is ... you can get it from the UK amazon site.

Happy 2014!


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