D. Day

Well had check up today and the consultant pleased that my bloods are down again. Its ten months since I finished radiotheraphy and to me this is very encouraging news. Was cranky scared and every thing else but now the mood has lifted. Had a chat with Registrar re my shoulder pain and in the bigger picture, its not a big issue, it can be sorted by orthopaedics. I was also told that the mri contains magnets which draws any fluid you have up from your tissues thus causing post mri pain in the affected area. So all in all am a happy camper. It is six years since diagnosis and I know I have been lucky. I am not a particulary brave person and I hate being ill. I think the loss of independence on your bad days is worst of all but every thing passes. Hope all of you out there are doing ok and know you are not alone.

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  • That is great news congratulations I know the relief is just wonderful

  • Thanks so much,

  • Delighted with your good news, we all feel weak and vulnerable on the bad days so remember you are very brave. Lots of good wishes

  • Thanks so much, it is nice to get support and do you know something, its ok to feel vunerable at times. Feel so much brighter now that check up time is over until Jan. So the shoulder can be sorted just waiting on apt to see ortho doc. Hope you are staying strong too because its the only way to cope.

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