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Metastatic ovarian to 2 lymph nodes

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Hi Ladies--

I haven't written in a while but it's been hectic. I am on cancer #6 now starting in 2007. My last scan in January showed my ovarian cancer is now metastatic to 2 lymph nodes now. This cancer is different for obvious reasons. I had been on niraparib for 3 years and it was working until it wasn't. So now I'm on a chemo cocktail of Avastin, Carbo, and gemzar for 1 day and a week later I'm on gemzar alone with the neulasta the following day with the obi. I had 3 cycles and 1 lymph node is clear now and the other diminished by 50%. Additionally, there is no sign of bone metastisus or spread to anywhere else. For only 3 cycles I thought that was great. But now she wants me to do 3 more cycles. I just completed my 4th. I am trying to work as well, but as you all know, it's hit and miss. My family wants me to move back home but I don't want to. I quite enjoy where I am now, living alone with my dog. My question is, and I know everyone's cancer is different, but anyone have an idea of recurrence time or how much time I have left?

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I don’t have any answers for you but I just wanted to say that you seem to be doing very well. The treatment seems to be working for you. You are great to be able to work while having chemo. It’s nice that your family want to look after you but I’m on your side. I would want my independence for as long as possible. That’s my plan, anyway. You’re getting great, effective treatment. I think that you’re a long way from having to consider how much time you have left. I doubt that there is any answer to your question. You’re doing really well and it’s great to hear your story and know that someone can do so well while having #6. You’re mighty!

Anne 🤗

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Tvam in reply to WoolyHat

Hi I'm sorry to hear that you have to have more treatment but it's good to hear that you can be treated at the same time. I was initially diagnosed in June 2015 had surgery then chemo ( taxol and carboplatin) had a recurrence in June 2017, like you metastatic to 3 nodes, I had further surgery and 6 rounds of gemzar and carboplatin, I had a partial response to that , my oncologist said the nodes had reduced in size and she hoped they were dormant, since then I've been on letrozole 2.5 mgs daily have regular CT scans , initially every 3 months but now every 6. Thankfully I'm well , no evidence of active cancer on my last scan. I understand your families concerns but I totally understand that you need your independence. See how things go, hopefully all will be good. Best of luck to you

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Rlenesue in reply to Tvam

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, this does make me feel quite a bit better in my choices. Be well xxxooo

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