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Living with fear

I am new. I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1A.

I await my histology report to be written up.

I await an appointment with a local medical oncologist.

I had total abdominal hysterectomy bilateral oopherectomy and omentectomy in August.

I had cancer or have I cancer or both .

Will waiting (over a month now) for report mean cancer will spread.

I don’t know my cancer type,grade or if there’s a rupture in the encapsulating membrane

I go to bed with ovarian cancer and wake up to it.

Please help me and I thank you for being there.

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Hello RachelFaye,

Sorry to hear that but stage 1A is an early stage so you were surely one of the lucky one to detect it in an early stage.

I can't answer your questions because I'm not a doctor but surely you should be able to ask them to the doctor that performed the surgery.

And anyway the complete picture will be possible only once the results are back. I don't know where you are based but there are places where you can go and have support like A.R.C. and they are great source of information. I was told on this forum about A.R.C. so just let us know where you are and maybe someone can advise where you can get support. It is normal to be emotional and worried and sharing your troubles it helps a lot.

Good luck


I am near Limerick and await appointment from Professor Raj Gupta UHLIMERICK.

How may I access A.R.C.?

What do those letters mean. I

Thank God for Stage 1A but surgeon said type grade if cancer cell and rupture if any are crucial to know in writing to determine treatment.

I am used to waiting my turn in life but a month next Monday is a lot of time to be tortured and cannot aid healing.

I thank you for your reply.



Hi Rachel, there is a cancer support centre on the grounds of Limerick Hospital, its a drop in monday to friday , mid western cancer support centre. Also there is cancer information centre in the hospital run by irish cancer society staffed with volunteers and an oncology nurse i think. These might be worth a visit.


I thank you for your kindness in giving me local information.

Blessing of health on you!



HI Rachelfaye, As Onia-cat said you are lucky to have detect this in the early stage and once your team has a plain in action you will feel better.

Im glad you found us you will find lots of support I know this helps to be able to correspond with someone who understands.

You could post asking about advice from other ladies who are stage A1.

Take care Lorraine xx


Hi RachelFaye,

It is a horrendous waiting game isn't it. Totally recall the going to sleep with it, walking up with it.....just awful. I remember not wanting to take anything to help me sleep last I forgot about it and experience the realization anew.

But I want to give you words of encouragement! I too was stage 1 (in 1988 - I don't think the grading was as defined as now) with a huge tumour. Identical op to yours. The tumour hadn't ruptured so no further treatment was needed. Very, very lucky I know and I wish the same and more for you.

I see you have great advice from the amazing ladies on here so I'll say no more.

Wishing you all the very best.

Catherine x



I thank you for encouraging words.

Do I keep waiting for ? Them I.e. oncology department to get back to me

I have rooms’ private check-up appointment date for October 3rd (6weeks after surgery to ensure histology has come back written up.

Surgeon only had an oral report without type, grading or details of any, God forbid, rupture.

I am quite unable to deal with harsh hospital personnel



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