Any ideas on fundraising for ovacare

As you can see by me writing this ,it's 3.40am still up and wide awake.

I was wondering if there is anything us ovarian cancer survivors can do to raise funds for a fantastic deserving organisation.I know we have singers,models,bakers,filmmakers etc.It would give us something to think about and have an input into no matter how big or small,the cancer has got our insides but it has not got the beauty on the outside nor the brain in our heads that can be better utilised in thinking up ideas than worrying about our cancer.

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  • What organisation Annie h

  • Ovacare I think Annie means.

  • Well Annie it is a very good idea to think of some fundraising event to raise funds for those who actually support us through this illness. I agree we may have cancer but cancer has not got us. I would suggest we put our thinking hats on and maybe throw out a few ideas at the next Ovacare coffee morning or patient day. Perhaps making a donation voluntary of course at the next patient day. I am not sure how fundraising is actually done by team Ovacare. I do know however, that one of our members has raised money through the City Marathons for Ovacare. I can assure her we are all exretemely thankful for that. Perhaps we could have a second team, some of our friends family run for Ovacare in the June Marathon on the relay team.

  • Am very dim !! Just blame the chemo .

  • You are just probably tired from the chemo, or chemo fog. Hope you are doing okay.

  • I was just wondering if the weekend of on World Ovarian Day, Ovacare could get us to sell ribbons at local supermarkets. I don't know the protocall or what would be involved .Do we have to get a licence or permission from the supermarkets etc. I would gladly make the ribbons myself to sell at my local supermarkets if it was legal for me to do so.

  • Great idea Kittie,I'd do that also.I know Ovacare would have to get permission/licence to collect monies at local level.It would also act as an informative public day on O.C.

  • Oops AnnieHI , I meant to say World Ovarian Cancer Day , looking back on my posts or answers I seem to be leaving words out . I can't blame chemo brain as I am not on treatment at the moment Thank God, so I blame old age. Hope things are going well for you . Take care . Kittie.

  • Ha ha Kittie,it's not old age it's the weather,we'll put everything down to the weather.Not doing too bad,day 11 of Olaparib.Side effects are fatigue,which I am happy about as I wasn't sleeping before.The nausea can be a nuisance but I've valoid for that and the Olaparib info sheet suggests chewing gum for nausea which I find works a treat.

    I was in A&E during the week because Onc thought I was having Angina attack but they reckon it was only heartburn.hope your doing well in this miserable weather.

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