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Joy at the chemist

Hi Ladies,the sense of satisfaction,relief and hope I felt the other day on entering the chemist was immense.There I was holding my golden ticket,"A prescription for Olaparib ".What a joy to know it can now be got through prescription at your local chemist and if you have medical card it costs €2.50 and for those without medical card it costs €144.

It became licensed in Ireland the start of November because I'm guessing here,it added a significant amount of time between chemo if it worked.Ive been on it almost 2 years and I'm sure if I hadn't got it I would have had possible 3rd and 4 th line chemo .To know that women who are BRCA positive can now be prescribed the drug if deemed necessary by Onc is a massive step in the treatment of O.C.and I know there are many new drugs on the burner to treat O.C .

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that is great news and a huge step in the right direction


Happy to hear your news. I am due to start Olaparib after 2nd line Carbo and Caelyx. 3 more cycles to go. Offered in Scotland for us BRCA babes too, since Nov 2016. 2 years plus sounds good to me. Yay!!!!☺👍😎

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Grannylo, so Olaparib is available in Scotland, we cant get it here in Ireland due to a global shortage,


This is such good news for those of us who can benefit from Olaparib - thanks for sharing Annie


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