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looking for info

After 6 1/2 years, I'm finally at the point where I really need input from others. I'm 62, have Mets squamous cell all in bone, no known primary, positive for the Braca 2 and have just started the PARP inhibitor RuBraca.

I'm desperately trying to find anyone else taking RuBraca. After more chemotherapies than I can count, radiations, ablations, etc., this drug (4 pills a day) is the worst in terms of side effects.

If anyone has any history with Keytruda, I'd love to speak with you also.

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Hi Wildebeth, there is a page on fb for those on Parp Inhibitors not sure what is called. However you have to accept all comment with an open mind. Maybe ring Ovacome Helpline might be a better option. I wish you well on this treatment


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