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re Government Strategdy of Cancer Services 2015/2016

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Hi Ladies, just to tell you if you go the Irish Cancer Societys Facebook page, scroll down and it gives you an opportunity to give an input on the strengths and weaknesses of Cancer Services and Supports in Ireland. This is actually going to be sent to the Minister and his department. So just in case any of you wish to include anything in their proposal, you get opportunity to add your comments. Of course needless to say, I have done so yesterday. I have emphasized that OC is the forgotten Cancer and that earlier diagnosis is better prognosis. I have also pointed out while the survival rates in cancer has increased the number of staff if the centres of excellence has remained the same and that has to be addresses. Also I mentioned that the gynae liason nurse is not always available in the unit I attend. Getting on to supports, I suggested that the Supports such as Arc Ovacare and SOCK get no government funding for the excellent work they do and that this should be brought into play. So if any of you would like to go to Irish Cancer Societys page and scroll down and read the report and add in whatever you feel you would like to add, please do so

11 Replies
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Super..thanks for letting us know if this great opportunity

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Well done Suzuki.Your right o.c is the forgotten cancer.thanks for the heads up on the questionnaire.x

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Thanks a million for spreading the word on this opportunity to give feedback Joan. I agree with all your points & will add to them on the page. You are a great ambassador for us! Best Chickpea x

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Hi Suzuki, I have just added my views on the questionnaire, thank you for making ue aware of it. Kittie

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Joan. As you usual you astound me with your knowledge and willingness to share it with us all.

Thanks a million for the details and I have added my little say to it also - again on OvCa and the need for additional funding.


It came up on my face book page and I shared it, glad everyone was able to see it and respond. The more the better because as far as I am aware Irish Cancer Society do little to promote OC and havent a clue how we feel, how the services are and the fact that the number of patients have increased with survival rates but not the number of staff.

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HI Suzuki. Thanks for telling us about this as it is a really good chance to have our voices heard. I agree with everything you said. In fact I jumped into action immediately and was in full flow but either my technical ability let me down or my broadband did. I forgot to start off with my name etc and was adding my own bits to the end of each topic. I will do it first thing tomorrow when my energy is back. Am I right in adding to each topic as I have been doing. Would be grateful for your expert advice to this old technophobe. Xxx

HI Molly O , add in whatever applies that is what I did, I didnt add bits to palliative care as I had nothing to say on this. I added to the bits I thought were relevant, rightly or wrongly. I got a bit mixed up and started mixing strenghts with weaknesses. But I did it as best I could. Its is a bit technical in parts but I skipped a few, They sent me a confirmation email back which showed what I did. I actually might get my daughter to sit down and do it as well. The more the merrier

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Hi Suzuki. Thanks to your encouragement i got down to work and had something to say on a good few of the items. I am in total agreement with you on the point that OC and PPC and similar cancers get very little publicity as opposed to Breast cancer etc. I have complained to the Irish Cancer society on a number of occasions about this and last time was World Ovarian cancer day when they just paid lip service on their site to the important day that it was to those of us who are hidden from public view. Glossy brochures are not enough when all they tell us on the OC one is that it is usually only diagnosed at stage 3 or 4 and then go on to talk about end of life. I also took exception to bring told that cancer is more prevalent in lower income groups. I did point out that ones socioeconomic group had no bearing on whether you get OC or not, or in my case PPC. Placing emphasis mostly on prevention is not enough for people who may have gene related cancers. I also rang them about the confidentiality of the survey as I don't want any backlash from putting my name out there. She did reassure me on that one and is sending me an invitation to survivors day in Sep . Let's hope I survive to make it ! Kindest regards Suzuki. You are always inspirational XXX

Ah Molly O, of course you will be at the Survivors day no doubt about that at all. You put in quite a lot of time on the survey and that will hopefully help us all. I had seen a notice about the Survivors day but promptly ignored it, I would hope to get away for a few days so much check the date again. It is hard enough to get an invite so well done. I wouldnt think there would be any backlash. The senior oncologists are well aware of the shortcomings of the hse and like to see the patients backing up their concerns. Isnt it appaling we have to fight the system as well as fighting the illness best wishes

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I haven't got the invitation yet Suzuki so maybe she changed her mind when she read my my input in the Cancer strategy survey form ! Some of my more forceful comments were aimed at the ICS as I do agree that we are the forgotten ones. I hope they do take all our comments on board and take the trouble to let us know that they were acted on or at least given some thought. Take care. XXX

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