Ulcers in my mouth

Ladies, please help me with ulcers in my mouth. One I have is on my tongue, I haven't been eaten over a week now. I can't chew, swallow and talk (my husband is happy with me sitting quiet πŸ˜‰), but I can't cope anymore. I've tried everything, lots of mouth washes, BMX, nystatin, salty water, coconut oil, sage, turmeric, chamomile and some Polish mouth washes from Polish pharmacy.

Thank you and hugs from Zaneta

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  • I had some bicarbonate soda from hospital for mouth wash put some on just as a powder and rub in ulcer it help dry them out

  • Hi Zaneta while I am sure your husband is making the most of your silence, it is not good for you not to eat. Difflam mouth wash is good and there is also a spray and it numbs the mouth so you can eat. There is also a paste your team can prescribe, it would be great if I could remember the name of it though???? I would certainly stop tumeric as it can make it worse not better seeing that it is a spice. So ice cream and soft foods as much as you can, like yogurts etc until you get sorted. Your gp can prescribe the paste he can look it up in his Medical Book. I hope you get relief soon

  • Hi Suzuki

    The paste I assume you are thinking of is Orabase. It is a protective paste but I am not sure how easy it will be to use on the tongue as I found some years ago not easy to use on other parts of the mouth. The Adcorty in Orabase (antibiotic in the Orabase ) was discontinued a few years ago. You can buy the Orabase without a prescription. Cannot remember the price but not outrageous.

    Defo agree with the Difflam spray- excellent product.

    Regards Fay

  • Hi Fay

    I got Orabase at the counter, costs €4.50. Worked for me while eating. Someone mentioned about bonjela as well, I got it and was brilliant. When you apply it Hurst as hell, but after 2 minutes, when it dries on ulcer is giving huge relief.

  • Hi Zaneta

    I hope by now you have got the solution to your distressing problem. I know that during my first treatment 6 years ago I was prescribed Diflam. One mouth ulcer always erupted in the same place but had always disappeared by the third week. I'm not sure if that was because of the mouthwash or just my immune system coming back to normal. No ulcers last year as only on Carboplatin . Many people say salty water is as good as anything. I see that you have loads of different remedies so I hope something works for you as you need to eat to keep your strength up. Take care .


  • Hi Zaneta, I seen from the Ovacare and Ovacome sites you have got plenty of advice, hopefully one of them will work for you. I am lucky enough so far that over the last four years I have managed to escape the sore mouth. I do gargle with salt and water everyday when I am on chemo and for a few days after and thankfully that has worked for me so far. Kittie.

  • Hi Zanetta, I really feel for you as I too suffered dreadfully with mouth ulcers during my treatment. Bonjela have a liquid that you put onto the ulcer using a little spatula. It stings like mad going on, I had to keep my tongue stuck out for a while to let it dry but once dry it puts a film over the ulcer and gives some comfort. Alternatively, your GP can prescribe a tablet that you place on the ulcer, it dissolves onto it and helps. Good luck. Ann x

  • Good evening

    So after getting medicines for viral infection and also antibiotics for bacterial infection, which I wasn't sure about them, I got fluconazole for 3 days. Doctor got the viral swab result after 2 days of taking Zovirax syroup and rang me to stop taking it. Two days later, after taking only 2tablets of antibiotics, as I felt they will make all worse, I rang my doctor and asked for antifungal med. Next day after taking fluconazole I felt already better! So I was taking this Friday, sat and Sunday and today my huge ulcer is gone! Hurrra!!!

    But life is not that easy and hardly giving us a break so... I catched some cold, my nose is soooo blocked. Additionally, which is worrying me most, from yesterday I have a pain on left side, under my ribs and pain in my back. Same pain as on begining my recurrence. Same as on the time when I had a pockets with liquid. My nodules next to my belly button are bigger even my Ca125 for last couple of weeks is 12. What is this pain? It came suddenly yesterday. Is it possible that different kind of cancer is growing?

    I have 2 chemos left, doctor was happy with results...

    Assesment tomorrow, but I think chemo will be postponed as I feel very bad.

    Please tell me that is normal getting that kind of pain, that is because chemo is working or something. I am just freaking out


    Zaneta xx

  • Hi Zaneta,I empathise with you,I have the same,My GP has prescribed a steroid paste I can use but I have to wait for the chemist to get it from the UK as it isn't available here.I tried deflam,salt water etc nothing worked.Ive also made app with dentist for next week to see if there's anything he might do for future.Unfortunately my mess cause mouth ulcers and mouth blisters.

  • I'd speak with your oncologist or specialist nurse asap. Caphosol is one of the other things to try. Your gp may not be able to get it. . .

  • A bottle of Kin is good also a lot of hospitals make up their own remedy. Ask your nurse, they usually have an answer for any ailment. Good luck.

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