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Hi ladies and gents, I am referring to the recent media advertisements and poster adds by the Irish Cancer Society, It has been in the papers and radio here in Ireland and also on morning radio shows. Personally I do get the idea of the concept but I feel that the advertisement fails to take into account the mindset of those already diagnosed whether newly diagnosed and undergoing treatment, I wish I hadnt Cancer, in fact we all wish we hadnt it. We never set out to get it but we have it and we fight it with all our strength and energy. It ends with requests for donations and that is definitely a no no, I dont know what creativity went into this advertisement, However I feel very strongly that the money spent on it could be spent more wisely. For isntance a stand down unit near the A and E in Cork University Hospital for Cancer Patients who then wouldnt have to attend A and E and be open to cross infection from any source would be more beneficial, Maybe fix the Cancer Services that need to be fixed in our hospitals first and then work on keeping people well, Happy New Year to everyone and I hope those on treatment are doing okay, all the best

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  • Hi Joan

    I agree with everything you said and have already emailed the ICS on Thu expressing my annoyance at the total lack of sensitivity towards already diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones. Their supposedly clever use of words didn't impress me . Of course we all " got " where they were coming from after the initial shock horror reaction to the first sentence . I did point out to them that OC and PPC were way down in their list of priorities . If I get a reply I will let you know.


  • Hi Molly O, I actually got an email from them re the campaign why I really dont know. I pointed out to them while I got the concept, I already had Cancer so I was quite aware of the shortcomings for Cancer Patients, They also looked for donations to help people who have Cancer. Well for me that was way over the top. I hope you are feeling a little more like yourself and that 2017 is kind to you

  • Hi Joan

    In fact my email to them was a reply to one they sent me about the campaign just like the one they sent you I guess. I presume if you have ever emailed them before you are on their mailing list too. Like you I still think that the campaign was a step too far. They could have shocked the man or woman on the street without upsetting the cancer community l

    As for me Joan I am trying to put Cancer out of my mind at the moment. At least I banished the word for the festive season . Guess this is why that ad affected me so much. The issues that bothered me haven't gone away . They have just been parked waiting for me to tackle them again. Meanwhile next appt is 22mar . I hope all is ok for you at the moment. Take care


  • Hey Joan and Molly!

    I have thought long and hard about this one! I didn't really know how I felt about it and I do think they could have done it a little more sensitively however have a read of the article at the link below....its Sarah Cartys take on it! She's the 24 year old that I posted about before who was diagnosed with late stage OC when she was 23 and is currently battling 1st recurrence.

    Hope you are both well as we start this New Year!!


  • Hi D

    Thanks for sharing that link.. I read her take on it and if course all opinions are valid. I suppose I can only talk about how it affected me when I heard it first. I was truly shocked and angry. I left it for over a day before I emailed the ICS as I really wanted to see some merit in it. I read all the comments on the uTube video of the ad and everyone (apart fom Florian who is in the ad ! ) was really upset . I read in todays Indo that those comments have been removed . As I said to Joan I think they could have shocked the general public without upsetting the Cancer community.

    I'm trying to lie low at the moment and had banished the PPC letters out if my brain as best I could before I have to get back in the ring with them again ! You are looking great and you have made my travel bug start to come alive again ! Take care


  • Hi D thanks for sharing I have read the article. Would you believe I was chatting today to a lady who was diagnosed here in Ireland with OC when she was very young. I have recommended she go to the Ovacare site and see if there is anything that appeals to her ie coffee morning etc. I do get the concept and I have read Saras article however I dont think its the right way to go about getting awareness and donations, Yes it has people talking about Cancer but since it is a more prevalent illness, it is spoken about every day. I do understand that years ago it wasnt spoken about and when my late mother in law died, her part of the country it was spoken of as "the quare thing", In that respect it is good that now we are more open about it because it is less scary. all the very best

  • hi Joan, hope your well, I agree with you about the ad and was horrified with it and very upset. I email and facebooked the ICS last week , I got a kind reply but they are adamant that it working as their are getting more calls but I think this ad breeds fear.

    I love your suggestion for a A&E for cancer or immune compromised patients .

    keep on posting

    happy new year to you and hope to bump into you soon


  • Hi Sinead, I am still waiting for a reply and fear I will be waiting. They actually sent me an email about the ad looking for donations????? I would think the calls they got were not on the friendly side judging from comments on social media. People did talk about it but mainly about how horrific the ad is. I notice there is a petition going around to have the ad removed which of course I signed.

    I have got nowhere so far with my request for a separate area for Cancer Patients in A and E. I have been in contact with Aindrias Moynihan who has been campaigning with the gynae consultants in CUMH for better working conditions. I will post of this when I get a definite description of the outcome of the talks last week. Well Daisy would want us to keep fighting for better things. Funny though she attended a private hospital but she was still looking out for everyone with OC.

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