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Many thanks to everyone

Hi everyone who replied to my first post thank you so much for all of your insights with regard to blood tests and scans. Thanks to your input I have decided to speak with my GP to organise my ca125 bloods to be carried out on a regular basis, this will put my mind at rest and I will feel more in control of my own treatment going forward.

I wish you all the very best in our ongoing battle

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Well done...as someone famous said, "to complete a journey of a thousand miles, you have to take the first step at some point in time."

Shortly after my recurrence, I was given a necklace by my son & daughter-in-law on which is inscribed, "Little by little one walks far".

Keep listening and taking care of yourself.

Warm wishes for a good day,


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Thank you for your constructive contribution to my post. You affirmed my own thoughts on this problem. I do think that the way forward for me is similar to your arrangement. I don't think too far ahead, step by step has been my mantra from day one but where future care and monitoring is concerned I feel I would rather know what I'm facing rather than surviving in ignorance. We have to be our own advocates this I have learned during my treatment I do hope that all goes well for you in the future, some part of me thinks we should trust in God but another part is telling me to take control. I feel I will find a happy medium . Best wishes


That is a good idea, most gps want to do the best for their patients and in the end do whatever you need to keep on top.


Good decision. Ann x


Good for you21752 and thanks for your reply,was having a bad day,haven't thought about the c word all day! Best wishes,

Carole xx


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