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Hi Ladies, I am very sorry indeed to have to pass on some devastating news to you all. Sara, MissFitz passed away peacefully this afternoon in Cork. Sara was an inspiration, her odds werent the best from day one but she fought this horrible Ovarian Cancer to stay as long as she could and enjoy her young children, I was speaking to her in February at a coffee morning and she was so greatful to be well enough to attend and was looking forward to some family time away at Easter. Unfortunately while away things went wrong but that did not deter her, Sara went through more procedures and treatment to stay as long as she could with her young family. Life is never fair

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  • So sorry to read your sad news, I didn't know Sarah , but I send my condolence and prayers to her family and friends. From what you said she was very brave, it is so sad. Xx

  • Joan I am so sorry to hear about Sara she was so young and I feel for her young family. I hope she is now pain free and in a lovely peaceful place where she can be a guardian angel for her little ones! May she rest in peace.


  • Do you know something D you describe Sara perfectly as being a guardian angel for her children, its nice to think of her like this. I firmly believe my Mum looks out for me

  • Yes Joan! My mum was dying the same time as I started the diagnostic process and passed away before I had had any of my scans etc! I am convinced she has been with me every step of the way and still is!! It's a great comfort though I would give anything to actually have her here at the same time! I just watched Saras patient talk on the Ovacare website from 2013 and it was inspiring, she was very brave and I am glad she at least got some extra time to spend with her little ones!!! Hope you are OK as I am sure you are feeling very sad this evening too!


  • Hi D, what stood out for me with Sara's story was the poem she read about the ugly pair of shoes so much so that the following Monday I emailed Ovacare to see if they could get me a copy of it which they did I then framed it and it has been hanging on my sitting room wall since. I was at that time still trying to get my head around my Cancer and for me that helped. A true Lady who earned her Teal Wings. Kittie

  • Life can be so unfair the first time I met Sara was when she did the Patients story at the Patients Day in Dublin in 2013. I met her at other Patients Days and Coffee mornings since then she was an inspirational woman . My sincere condolences to he husband, children and family . Kittie

  • So sorry to hear this sad news Joan.

    Mary x

  • It's heartbreaking news Joan.She like Maureen were inspirational to me,they never gave up the fight eventhough they were hurting.Im privileged to have know both women,both strong,feisty,funny and above all the love they held for their families ,was a joy to behold.

    Sara knew this was going to be her last family holiday together and she did enjoy some of her time away but unfortunately spent a few days in hospital in Florida and weeks in hospital in Cork.She never once complained,,and when her bloods were good she was left out of hospital for a few hours every day.She kept me going and gave me strength to take what ever we're given and make the best of a bad situation,

    Rest well Sara,you have accomplished so much and you have left many happy memories for your family and friends.I will miss your smiling face over coffee and scone.r.i.p our Teal Angel.xxxx

  • Hi Annie, it is just dreadful but I got a piece of good news today that both Maureen and Sara would be delighted with. I commented on a post by Union Quay Med practice, you know the doc who is often on 96fm and 103fm. He came back to me and said there is now a fast access to Ultra Sound for those they suspect may have OC. I replied again and told him that us ladies had also canvassed tds and Ministers etc for early diagnosis for OC. I told him about the BEAT Leaflets. I told him about the guidelines rolled out for gps when he said symptoms are vague. I also told him that OC hits young women and old. There is no age limit. I did also mention that the reason why gynae waiting list had increased in CUH was that one gynae was out for a period of time so a possible back load happened. I also mentioned my visit to the launch of the report on Access to Diagnostics and that when I mentioned that the gynae waiting lists were too long all over the country, I got a vague answer. I think it is good for gps to know that patients are also looking for these improvements.

  • Your a hard worker for all of us Joan.Its great that you can inforce the BEAT slogan even to GPs,because they are still not sending women soon enough for the right scan.Its brilliant news about the fast track service,the 2 girls would be delighted.Its slow progress but progress none the same.We have to keep e pressure on.Imdid email that TD you were talking about.

  • Thanks Annie H, I am here this morning wondering what it is all about, its a beautiful day but its not doing it for me. I have apt with gp on Weds morning early so I will also ask him is it easier for him now to access ultra sounds. Its not much as Nick Flynn said but a step in the right direction. In addition one of our Ovacare Directors has seen the guidelines for referral in her gp Surgery. I havent heard back from Nick but I am sure he will get back to me at some stage.

  • Dear Joan et al, our deepest condolences to Sara's family and the members of our Ovacome family. My thoughts go out to the children, whose lives will change drastically from here on. The Heavens have beckoned her and it's His will, however unfair. God Bless Sara's family and give them the strength to tide over these difficult days.


  • Very sad. No one should suffer from this Terrible illness, no one should die because of it. Specially not young woman with children. Rest in peace Sarah. Hugs and condolences to family.

  • Joan, didn't realise when we met in Mahon on Friday,that is terrible Sara, was a beautiful person I am so sorry to hear of her passing. The last time I spoke to Sara, was in Seamus O Riellys waiting room and she was all excited with the holiday coming up. It is so unfair on her 2children and her husband. She was always so optimistic at the coffee mornings so positive. R I P dear Saraxx.

  • Hi Sheera, I didnt know either then that she was so ill, I knew she was fighting but was in contact with her a month ago. I just got a message yesterday afternoon, as D said I like to think of her as a guardian angel always watching out for her children and husband.

  • Hello Suzuki , thanks for posting the sad news of Sarah's passing yesterday. I'm devastated , she really was inspirational . I met her recently in the unit ,I was in for Avastin then , it struck me how positive she was , I was feeling unwell at the time and probably feeing sorry for myself . She made me look at my myself and I told so many friends about this inspirational woman , all she wanted was to spend the summer with her young family . I had the pleasure of meeting her parents when she gave the opening patient story in Dublin ?? 2 years ago. May she now rest in peace . I had the chemo on Thursday and am miserable post same , I can't eat anything, am nauseated all pains and aches and to be honest am questioning is all this normal ? Am I a bad patient or does it hit me more severely than others . It is very hard on my family looking at me and feeling helpless , there's little they can do to improve my situation . Sorry for moaning . Xx lupins

  • I expect my post has certainly not made you any better. It is normal to feel yuck about this time because you are off the steroids and you come down with a bang. Did you just have Avastin on Thurs? It is normal to be achy. I would have to lie down when I came home. Try and eat some toast and sip tea with sugar even if you dont normally take sugar, I sent you a pm with other ideas. If you eat something then you can take some paracetamol. Just break them in half, found that was the only way I could manage at times. Motillium is no good as anti sick, so perhaps ask for something else like Emend. That did help a bit. Also Maxalon although they would knock me out you take them a half hour before eating, so by the time I had three taken I was ready for bed and slept clock around. Next day I would feel a bit better.

  • Hello Suzuki , many thanks for all the ideas of help with drinks foods and medication . Yes the bovril idea came to me and I dipped bread into it, to day I'll get the 7 up and ginger ale , everything is worth trying . I asked about the Emend last Thursday and was told I would not need it ,but this week I'm not accepting that answer and also asking for a low dose of steroids . I feel I'm suffering too much for the advances made over the years with chemo side effects. I hope to be able to attend Sarah's removal or Mass over the next few days . It would mean a lot to me to say good bye , she was so brave , so strong and never complained how unfair it was on her, a young mother with a young family . The days I can pray, I thank the Lord that my family are finished school, educated and are in employment now , and I was healthy during those years of non stop going. I'm so greatful for that . Enjoy the good weather . X Lupins

  • I had to ask for steroids on Gem Avastin, and they were looking at me and told me apart from the Valoid they gave me at the start I shouldnt need anything, But I did mention twice before I got demathasone sorry about the spelling and they told me to take valoid at home. That was a waste so went back to the Maxalon which I had. I would never have a lot of tummy bugs etc and I feel that is why I felt it more in the tummy. I got Emend many year ago and found it good. I think you have to stick to your guns and then they listen. Tell the onc as well and he will prescribe it for you when you have check up. Yes I am the same my family grown up and I am wondering today what is it all about. I know Sara knew from day one it wasnt going to be good but she stuck on in there for the sake of spending time with her children, that is all she ever wanted. Maybe while you are doing that shopping list add in strong mints, they do help you feel less naseous

  • My thoughts and prayers to Saras' family and friends . Love Bridie

  • What terribly sad news, often read Sara's posts and admired how she coped with this illness with such a young family. Thinking of her family and also all her friends met through ovacare. Xx

  • I was so sorry to read the news of Sara's passing. I hope her family, friends and neighbours will all be comforted at this very difficult time. May she rest peacefully.

  • So very sad to hear of Sara's passing. I never met her but I just watched her patient day talk just now with tears in my eyes. It was inspirational but then those of you who knew her all say that about her. The poem was so true to what we all feel. She just described everything so well . Life is so unfair and my heart goes out to her husband , children , parents and extended family. My condolences to them and I pray they will have the strength in the coming days to deal with their dreadful loss. I too like to think that she has become their guardian angel. May she rest in peace .

  • so veryvery sad to hear of Saras untimely death. She was a wonderful woman . My heart grieves for her beloved family.

  • I didn't know her and never met her,but, she sounds like a lovely lady who died too young, like so many others, this illness really is a to get under control we should never be suffering like we are in this day and age, it makes me so angry.

    Love and best wishes to her family, apologies for my rant,xxx

  • Bless her and her young family



  • Condolences and prayers to Sara family, life isn't fair but she will be watching over her young family forever.

  • Do you know I like to think that too, thank you

  • So sorry to hear this news...........


  • I'm sorry to hear the sad news. She was very courageous and will be sadly missed xx

  • So very sorry to learn of this sad news, so much worse too when young children are left behind. Ann xo

  • Yes Anne it is heartbreaking to see young children left behind. Youngest is a little younger than my grandson.

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