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Happy Easter

Wishing all of you the happiest and joyful Easter.Another celebration we're around to enjoy.Thinking also of those brave women who left us recently.

Our little army will never show the white flag of surrender to these little buggers.

Rain Hail sleet or snow tomorrow hubby is taking me down to Kerry to Inch Beach,have a flask of soup,and watch the expected rain belting against the windscreen but being able to also sea the waves ebb and flow.Its grand to get away to where nobody knows your name,your illness is invisible and you can be normal for a little while.

I've my black magic Easter egg on the kitchen worktop since Tuesday,it's calling out to me but I'm going to ignore it until Sunday and then I'll give it my full attention,a one to one basis!!! Ha ha.

Enjoy the weekend,whatever you'll be doing.xxxxxx 

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Hi  Annie, and a very Happy Easter to you and all the wonderful ladies on this site. It sounds wonderful just going down to the beach and just looking out across the ocean, I can nearly smell the sea now. As for the Easter Egg it is very hard to leave it sitting there,I went up to see my brothers today and have arrived home with a box of After 8 choc, 2 extra large bars of fruit and nut chocolate ,jam tart buns and chocolate  fingers .Before I got sick I would be lucky if they made me a cup of coffee ( they are 4 batcholers) .I will also be at the Patients Day and I am looking forward to meeting everyone again. Kittie.

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Ah that was nice Kittie wasnt it, my brother brought me chocolates the other day and my niece last night gave me a little Easter basket, its those little things which matter most or really the thought behind it.


Hi Annie what a great idea, and I hope you will have a nice day.  Although the weather wont be great it is nice to sit and look out at the sea and feel the twoing and froing as the tide comes and goes.   I am not very poetic as you can see.  Hot Soup is a great idea and maybe ye can stop in Killarney on way back and have a cuppa.  Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter also


Happy Easter Annie! Enjoy Kerry. Here in sneem with the kids - weather poor - but we're still having a lovely time. 


Happy Easter to you too AnnieH. That sounds like a good plan . In fact your words sounded quite poetic. Tomorrow we have been invited to a good friend for Easter dinner of roast lamb and all the trimmings. That and some lovely red wine should take my mind off things. Have a lovely day and thanks again for all your help 



Happy Easter to all at Ovacare . Whatever you do be mindful of it and enjoy the moment . 


Sounds like a good p!an to me. I love sitting watching the sea and it would be even more enjoyable on a cold wet day with a flkask of hot, home made broth followed by some lively chocolate.  Enjoy it all. Happy Easter. Ann x


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