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Hi All. Joining the discussion late, but can understand the constipation issue - dread every treatment session as it is one of my worst side effects. Loads of water, Movicol and lots of prunes helped a little. But found a natural item: Ortisan Fruits & Fibre - from health food shops. It is made from figs, senna, tamarind etc and is like a stock cube and you chew 1/2 of one in the evening. I found it a great relief, if you will pardon the pun. I checked with my Doc and he is OK with me using it. But do check also before trying it. Hope you are all well otherwise.

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Hi Daisies, thank you for posting, I must keep that in mind, I have read about the Ortisan in Health Store free mag but never thought to use it. Hope you are doing ok. I am on hols from work for 2 weeks, giving myself a treat at weekend and going away. I think I shocked my gp but I told him I needed to chill before my next scan and check up. That is how I cope actually doing something like that. For some reason today going to the gp for something as ordinary as dry cough and blocked sinuses seemed unsettling could feel a panic attack coming on. Wonder is it because too many times sitting in that waiting room. I know bottom line is I am lucky enough to be able to sit there. So I have to cop on and stop being so negative. Hope everyone else is doing ok, I dont see much posts maybe people are busy getting organised for school for September.


hi Suzuki,

enjoy your holiday. I am just back from a week in Waterville in Kerry with my brother and family who came home from USA. I was on a week off from chemo and it was sooooo good to stop thinking about cancer for a while! So, off you go and let your hair down! I actually posted on constipation to Kittie but don't seem to have done it properly.

Of course your GP was a bit shocked. They really don't know what we go through. I was with nurse in my local practise the other day and mentioned how when I was diagnosed and sick in hospital the first time round all I could say to my fmily was 'I want my life back'. She looked at me blankly!!!!!! There you are. 2 years down the road and a new life so no complaining. Talk soon.


Thanks Poobah, that is what I need to hear today, I do need to get away and stop thinking. Glad you had a good time in Waterville and the weather wasnt so bad either. Its always nice to link up with the brothers. My older brother is fairly upbeat and has had family problems but he has decided to do the best he can and stop worrying. He loves his kids to bits bt has problems in getting visits. So he decided not to waste time fighting over these things and deal with them positvely and he is a different man. He tells his girls no matter where he is he loves them and I think that is nice and reassuring for them. I am going through a phase of wanting my life back at the moment its a new life I have as you said. Glad you are good in yourself


HI Susuki. Can understand the stress prior to scans and I don' t think the medics understand this. Often wonder if we didn't know the scan dates would it be easier on us. Enjoy your break - we all need them. I am heading to Spain after my next treatment - and at this stage am not even going to ask my oncologist permission. Did notice also that there were very little postings. By the way, a little item in the health supplement of Irish Times today regarding OC screening report in US and early detection. Not much new news in it, but worth reading. Take care and enjoy break.


Hi Daisies and Suzuki, Hope you both enjoy you breaks away its great to get away and leave your illness behind for a while.I to read the article in the paper today but in the Mirror I could have done without them telling me that out of 350 women diagnosed with OC every year 286 of us wont survive. WE WILL PROVE THEM WRONG.


Hi Kittie,

sorry you had to read that. There was an article a couple of months back in health section of Irish times which made my blood boil. It was so negative and had us all dead. really upset me. So much so, that I mentioned it to my oncologist and she told me that it annoyed her too and used very poor examples. She was tempted to write in like me but felt she was the wrong person to do it. I am sorry I didn't at the time. We are not stats we are individuals so lets keep flying that flag girls!!!!


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