Caelyx Rash

Hi everyone again and thank you soo much for answering re fatigue on caelyx...don't feel as panicky now. I have noticed though a lot have had rashes either on hands and feet or all over. As I am getting married after my third dose I am wondering has anyone NOT had a rash or can recommend what to do...I am not so bothered about hands but would prefer not to look spotty on the BIg Day lol. Also do you think I can have my nails done for wedding or not ?? Tracy

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  • Tracy mention it to your oncologist or GP an they will recommend a cream . It is possibly a reaction to the Caelyx . Keep your body as cool as possible no hot showers etc . Mind yourself and best of luck with all your plans .

  • Thank you I am going tomorrow..he will be sick of the sight of me I have so much to ask haha. Tracy

  • Hi Tracy, some people don't get any rash, I didn't. I used a good hand and foot cream, morning and evening. It is very important to keep the skin well moisturised and that helps. Good luck.

  • Oh thank you for your reply..I have been moisturising so I will keep that up . Thank sX

  • Two doses down and no sign of a rash yet.trying to stay well moisturised which I hope will help.Very best wishes for your wedding. Have a wonderful day.

  • Thanks Marn ..keeping moisturised too and my onc said yest not everyone gets it..phew! Fingers crossed. Thanks for good wishes. I hope you are ok X Tracy

  • I use the Udderly cream that was recommended to me.  You can buy it on amazon.   I get my nails done regularly with bio sculpture gel so you should be able to go ahead for your wedding.  

    You should also maybe ask your Oncologist to give you some low dose steroids to see you through the few days of the wedding. It may help with your fatigue.   Fatigue was my biggest problem on caleyx.  I had my last dose a month ago and have to say I've noticed a difference already in my energy levels xo

  • Thanks re nails as I was at a loss as to whether to go ahead. No sign of rash yet but I know it can happen any time. My fatigue is still bad but not as bad as after first cycle so fingers crossed. Have you had a good response to caleyx as I notice you have had a rough time of things? I was tested for the gene but don't have it. Tracy

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