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Help please

Hi ladies,

Hope someone has been in my position. Diagnosed and two debulking ops plus 8 carbo/taxol which brought my CA125 to 87. Then 3 Avastin where Ca125 went to 800. Onc then put me on Caelyx and after 2 cycles went up to 2111. Seeing onc on 17 th and don't know what he will propose. I read on an American forum where Caelyx is slow to react and may take 4 sessions before it reacts. Can anyone throw some light on this please. I follow this site regularly and find all you ladies a great inspiration. Thanks in advance

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Caelyx is supposed to be slow acting. I sought a second opinion when I was on Caelyx for 2 cycles as did not have an awful lot of faith in my oncologist at that time. I went to The Christie in Manchester and was put on the Rotterdam Regimin which is very tough. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful also. So now I am on Cisplatin and Gemcitabine. I am coping well at the moment even though I have been more or less on premanent treatment since May 2014 when I was diagnosed. I am not yet at the half way stage where I will get a scan so we will see how successful this treatment is. I am 3c high grade serous and platinum resistant. There are other tools in the box. If one doesnt work they will try something else so take heart.


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