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Hi there, I know some of you do visit the Ovacome site but thought I would share this with you. Some just today posted about a trial for Trovax in the Uk. I have done some googling and trial is on in various hospitals. It seems like a vaccine which can be given with other drugs. So now we have another drug to ask our kind caring oncologist about, I can see him saying, best drug of all is to throw out the laptop haha. I hope everyone is doing okay despite the dreadful rain. I posted my questionaire back to Ovacare today. I am taking it easy today, had visitors and choir yesterday so met some friends for a cuppa earlier on. I am working tomorrow and Sat mornings so building up my reserves for that. I was just thinking during the week why do I work?? but it has always been a crutch for me to get out, My two are adults and one lives at home while the other lives near Waterford. My hubby is retired now actually I found that difficult last year when off sick because it was the first time I had been on treatment with him around. Doesnt that sound dreadful?? I think at this stage my ambition is to try and stay well enough to be able to retire next year at retirement age and I will be happy with that.

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Hi Suzuki, It is great to say more drugs coming on line the more the merrier. It looks as if I will be starting treatment in the new year probably the spring so that is one more drug for the oncologist to look at. The weather has been terrible but thankfully the sun is shining today and I could get out for my walk. Your right about men around the house full time my hubby was made redundant a few years and at times we fall over each other especially now he cant get out to the garden. He is now my full time carer and has also been my rock over the last 2 years, but it is nice to get a bit of me time. I hope all is well with you.



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