I am wondering have any of you read the article on page 4 of Good Health Section to today. It would appear that there is a new drug coming on stream called pazopanib which will work even better than Avastin. There is a trial starting in Uk and when they start over there, they probably do same here. It is an oral tablet taken daily. This is starting at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Middlesex Uk and wont know for a while what side effects are etc. I know a friend is waiting on approval from a pharmaceutical hope I got that one right company to start on a trial with oral targeted theraphy for CLL which is a form of leukaemia. She has been on other treatments todate and she fits the criteria so her onc is hoping they can start treatment in a few weeks. She is living up in the midlands and attends hospital in Dublin. Hope this post gives everyone a lift and I also hope you are all doing okay Joan

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  • Hi Suzuki.. I had heard about this drug a few months ago- i.e. orally taken, and the side effects listed are much the same as Avastin. I had spoken to my Onc a while ago about oral type inhibitor drugs and he sounded a 'wee bit doubtful'. However, if a new oral treatment is on trial - yippee, as it is a 'pain' having to go in every 3 weeks.

    The inclusion/exclusion reasons for trials sometimes seem a bit vague to me - but then, who knows.

    Hope all well and hope to catch up soon.


  • Yes my friend meets the criteria for her illness but if turned down her onc in Dublin will appeal it. My husbands nephew has been on it for kidney cancer in the UK and is doing ok, no side effects much he is able to manage a parish in Bermingham. I googled it now and it seems the same article was on the british daily mail last week. We will live in hope. Yes it would be nice to catch up at coffee morning if I am not caught to work

  • Hi. In relation to your friend in Dublin, is it OC that is being treated? I know from reading that lots of other cancer types are usually the cancers that have new treatments first. But I really don't care when the new drugs come along, just that they come along in time for me. (Oh, that sounds so selfish - but you know what I mean).


  • Hi Daisies no she is being treated for chronic leukaemia I am not sure what the exact drug is she isnt sure herself only that it is oral and they do regular hospital checks on her. Hopefully they are now doing trials on the one mentioned in Irish Daily Mail here. I suppose they are always doing trials that we never hear of and then we have to meet certain criteria healthwise. I am also certainly open to hearing about new drugs for us.

  • Hi.

    Was in for session 4 yesterday (yippee) and things are 'going' ok. Bloods ( white cells) only borderline, but as everything else was good, treatment went ahead. But as I planned to go to Wexford next Wed for the Opera, the injection to boost my bone marrow & white blood cells has been changed. I will give myself the injection for 3 days - it means the side effects won't be so severe - as the dosage is smaller and over a longer period. Went for acupuncture then this morning - feet & knees and toes this time, to alleviate joint pains and peripheral neuropathy. I respond very well to acupuncture, so may go for more later. In relation to Taxol and toe numbness, it is gets any worse they will lower the dosage for session 5 and 6.

    Also, spoke to my Onc about drug - seemingly it is used for (some) kidney cancer and is a possibility for clear cell ovarian cancer (like mine) but is not on trial in Ireland yet. But if it comes he will keep me posted and hopefully in mind for it --- criteria depending.

    Anyway, hope you have a lovely holiday weekend : mine will be resting following treatment.

  • Hi Daisies, great to hear all is going according to plan and I am glad you didnt react like me and say "really". Poor man has a lot to put up with, with me as a patient. And he is putting up with me a long time haha. I hope you spend the weekend chilling and minding yourself. Only two more to go so, that is great I know at the same time you have to deal with the side effects but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy the Opera next week I am glad you are having a treat. Its good for you. Hopefully catch up on 8th it seems I should be off work that day at the moment. Wishing everyone a nice weekend with things to enjoy even if we dont like jazz. By the way just wondering have you a prob or anyone else a prob with nails, mine are splitting like mad and its not from over work around the house any tips appreciated as the aveeeno isnt working so got lacura in aldi joan

  • Hi. While my nails do split, I just keep them short and cut them as opposed to filing. I use whatever hand cream is near me - but I find that Clarins Hand & Nail treatment cream is the best. It is expensive but it lasts a long time. Vaseline is also good - so when going out & wearing gloves I rub some on, or if I know I will be wearing rubber gloves for dirty jobs, I also rub some in. Mind you, when rubbing in margarine or butter foer baking - has a beneficical effect on hands & nails. But don't bake too much now.

    I used to love the Jazz Festival - but find ti too broad stream me for my liking nowm and also am getting too old for town pubs and the pushing/shoving.

    See you at the coffee morning then - all going well. Daisies (Maureen)

  • Well I dont do pubbing or clubbing either, but must drop my daughter into town as she is out for the night, yes I will indeed try the vaseline and I know I also have the clarins somewhere about. Actually the lacura one in aldi has glycerine and beeswax and does help a little. Well as for baking, my dogs are the best judge of that, one I had a long time ago used wait until the cakes came out of the oven usually flat and he knew he was on to a good thing. I did start doing brown bread with flaxseed but got lazy so maybe I should give it a go again. Now am dropping Grainne to town and then will come back and watch some Andre Rieu and casualty. A good mix

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