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I want to thank all who responded to my first question on suspicious symptoms I'm worried about, for my concerns seems so trivial in comparison to plight that many are now going through on this blog. The challenges this dz presents requires a strong support system and this blog plays a big part. I send my heartfelt wishes to all in their fight against this horrible dz. I'm following through on my own concerns with an transvaginal US and a visit with a GP and again thank you for your support.

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  • Hi mgreen 58

    It is better you get your symptoms checked out and you are going down the right road now.. Take it in baby steps and dont pre empt anything until you are fully informed. I agree Ovarian Cancer needs a good support system and thanks to Ovacare, we are able to blog. My gynae liason nurse was suprised I am actually using the site as I would be in the older category of her patients. But it is informative and very supportive.

  • Susuki; Just read your comment and had a little giggle about you being in the 'older category'. I'm in the same side of your boat but like to think that I am still middle aged, but the grey hair and wrinkles, creases & furrows are a give away. Sometimes it us older 'birds' who can laugh & cope with the hard news though.

  • Hi daisies, well not over the hill yet but getting there haha and the chemo certainly accelerates the process at times. Tho I did jump in the trampoline on my grandsons second birthday last June. I think I am only 40 at times othertimes I do act my age but can also get teenage tantrums. Yesterday felt so crap felt like getting a few mugs and firing them around. Just had a bad week, my neighbour died and very close to the bone. At the mo the hair is thinning from the Gemzar same thing happened when on it in 2010 and it was towards the end of treatment I had to get the Mairead Mc Guinness touch. I say that because saw her on the telly a few Sundays back and it was obvious she uses a wig to look stylish in her job. I dont think she has been ill and apologise if I am wrong. Hubby said it was to look well groomed with her busy schedule.

  • Don't ever think your worries or symptoms are trivial - it is better to get them checked and be re-assured than to worry & do nothing. Hope all goes well and keep us all informed on this wonderful site.

  • Hi everyone, I will have my first test tomorrow-transvaginal US. I'm feeling quite anxious about the outcome and the fact that I hate gynecological exams, I guess I'm from the Victorian Era. You're correct Suzuki about the baby steps, I'm only in the discovery phase and I'm finding it so overwhelming. Thank you Daisies, I know my symptoms aren't trivial but I have experienced nothing as you, Suzuki and the others on this blog have. All of you are very strong, I hope I can find the same strength.

  • Hello. Didn't check in yesterday, so hope all went well for TVS today, and that you do not have to wait too long for good results.

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