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Had total hysterectomy,ovaries uterus lymph nodes cervix, for uterine cancer on 30th sept and going back to hosp next tues 15th oct for results of things taken. Im worried as could go either way. Anybody got ideas for questions as the consultant not very forgiving with information. Should I ask for CA blood test or scans or xrays even if the cancer was just contained in my uterus?

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  • HI , not sure if my previous reply went through. Please bring someone with you when you see the doctor on 15th Oct and he/she will organise tests if needed. Look up the Irish Cancer Society booklet on Ovarian Cancer as it has lots of suggestions for questions - if OC what stage; treatment options, number of treatments etc. Hopefully you have nothing to worry about, but keep positive - it does help. Please keep us all posted on results. take care.

  • Hi there, over the weekend if anything comes into your mind write it down and make a list, you will find you will have a few questions. If you had blood tests in hospital, most likely they will have asked for the ca 125 marker to be checked as well but usually we are not told about this at the time. God help my innocence I thought they were checking my iron levels after the op. The surgeon would have had a good look around while operating, Ask him, why did he take the lymph nodes, do you need follow treatement and if that is a negative ask him how will he keep a check on things. Dont be afraid to ask, he

  • Sorry dont be afraid to ask him or her what they expect now and what should you expect. its your body not theirs, It is good to read that booklet Daisies recommended and you can also ring the Irish Cancer association for more information. Do ask if there is a gynae liason nurse in your hospital, and make an apt to meet with her,

  • Thanks daisy and suzuki for replies. My partner coming with me. Im just going to have a little rant!! The thing is I was diagnosed in July with uterine cancer from a biopsy of my uterus. Then nothing until my op for total hyst and lymph removal 30th sept. I had oncolgy nurse to call but she couldnt tell me anything til op. The surgeon popped in after op and said he thought he got everything but be about 3 weeks til next appointment. I told him I have had pain for last few years in left side of pelvis but no investigation,he just dismissed it. So they phoned me last week for my app on tues which is only 2 weeks since op so now im left wondering if they found something because appt so soon or is this normal? And if they tell me they got it all how can I be sure without scans etc? Im actually not as manic as this sounds but I kinda like all the facts to be able to deal with things. I can cope with the fact I have cancer but I don't want to say "oh I wish id asked so & so" Thanks guys for any info. By the way, they said id go into menopause well yes all the lovely symptoms creeping up, headaches, not sleeping, hot flushes ... lovely x

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