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Ovary Problems

Hi everyone,

I had high levels of ca 125 a few months ago and decreased from 104 to 55. I have a large fibroid of 11cm. I have lost 7 children and a one ectopic and still birth few years back. I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome and one ovary. Over the past few month I had an MRI and ultrasound but my body started to change, I have lost 22lb in weight in 8 weeks now started to bleed between periods and have a bloated stomach. Also I urinated several times during the night more then 10 times and lots during the day. Just had a uterine biopsy. I am so scared in case I have cancer and have all the symptoms of it, Has anyone experiance they symptoms



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Hi Maggie, hang in there and wait for your results before you get all worked up, now it is a scary place to be at the moment waiting for results but hopefully all will be good.


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