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Citalopram what to watch out for

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I've very recently been prescribed Citalopram by my doctor, but before I can start to take it I have to come off Sertraline.

Sertraline has been great over the years but has simply stopped working for me over the past six months or so I tried changing the dosage but this only seemed to make things worse.

The doctor has now asked me to swap over to Citalopram 10mg to start increasing to 20mg after a week

I'm on my first week off all my meds and struggling a little with what I can only describe as a yoyo effect mood swings are violent and extreme.

Can anyone offer any insight into how they have gotten on with Citalopram, and what to watch out for

Many thanks

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I haven't any experiences of citalopram, but I took clomipramine, a tricyclic antidepressant, for many years before being switched to sertraline.

The switchover allowed me to reduce the clomipramine gradually, while I started on a low dose of sertraline which increased week by week, until I was completely off the clomipramine and onto the sertraline.

I don't know of any medical reasons why this process can't be used when switching from one SSRI to another. It's really difficult to expect anyone to go cold turkey, and in addition to all the OCD symptoms rearing their head again, you have withdrawal symptoms to deal with as well.

Perhaps ask your doctor why you have to come off the sertraline first. Meanwhile, hang on in there. In a few weeks you'll be on the new medication and things should start to improve.

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Blackdog2 in reply to Sallyskins

One more day and I should be free of the Sertraline, I've just had a telephone consult from a councillor, they have referred me for a psychiatric evaluation, I may get accurately diagnosed while I'm drug free, then we can see where that takes meThanks for the reply what dosage of Sertraline are you on, I increased mine yo 150mg a day but the side effects were unmanageable then yoyo'd up and down before settling in 125mg, 100mg one day they 150mg the next net result 125mg but by this time it was too late my mood swings were ridiculous,

As my wife would say "Zero to Psycho in 0.2 of a second" Oh how we laughed Not!

To be honest I'm feeling a lot better ifc them if only my emotions would play ball I'd be fine, but bursting into floods of tears at the first episode of the new season of Top Gear isn't acceptable, although looking back at it it helped🤣

My journey has taken a slight detour, and hopefully it will be more scenic preferably to the coast, will keep you all posted

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Sallyskins in reply to Blackdog2

My original dose of sertraline, once I'd been weaned off the clomipramine, was 200mg, and this was later increased to 300mg. It's a high dose and can't be prescribed except in certain circumstances. I've had few side effects, and it was good not to feel so constantly drowsy as I did on the clomipramine.

I do hope the citalopram suits you. I know how it feels to have mood swings. Do keep us posted as to how you get on.

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Blackdog2 in reply to Sallyskins

Thanks so much for your replyI had my interview with a Councillor yesterday and have been referred to a clinical physiologist, I've email them for an appointment,

Yesterday I also had a session of Reiki, and to be honest my first thoughts were mumbo jumbo rubbish but, if nothing else I got to lay down close my eyes and focus on my breathing, plinky plonky music dim lights you get the picture🙄

The therapist started she explained the process I had my doubts at this point🤔but I'm here now just go with it.

So it began she was barely touching me starting at my head working down to my feet always two hands placed at various points.

I must say I found it strangely relaxing and although I didn't fall asleep I entered a dream state more than once, very odd feeling😱

It lasted for about an hour and afterwards she sat me up and talked about what she experienced from me???? 🤔🤔🤔

My first thought was of Derek Acorah you know the medium off the TV here in the UK, and thought of how I was about to be analysed by proxy,

but without knowing anything about me she did hit some good spots but mostly just feeling her way with very open questions like

I see a dark room in your past🙄

I see some sort of trauma🙄

Something happened you you two or three years ago🙄

Just very vague questions you could read anything into, but I still enjoyed it I felt a lot calmer when I came out than when I went in so if nothing else that was helpful, but it was the waking dreams that have left the biggest impact on me and as the effects are supposed to last for three weeks will keep an open mind on it, I must admit I do feel calmer and would be willing to give it another try if only to experience the waking dreams again most trippy.

But sadly as with most of these alternative therapies I've tried over the years the effects reduce the more you have, but if you never explore these things you'll never know and as I keep saying what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another

Stay strong and keep moving forward on your journeys you never know where they will take you

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Sallyskins in reply to Blackdog2

On the whole I'd steer clear of alternative therapies. I guess the reiki practitioner was simply skilled in getting you to relax deeply, perhaps in a hypnotic or semi hypnotic state. I'm pleased it had a beneficial effect. The mind is still something of a mystery! But be careful who you're giving your money to. A lot of charlatans out there.

Thanks for your supportive words, and stay strong yourself.

My 18 year old daughter has been taking it for about 5 weeks starting on 10mg and is now on 30mg. It’s been difficult too for me as well as I’ve been managing her OCD contamination. Finally seeing some improvements between 4-5 weeks. Good luck with it

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