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OCD - I hope someone can give advice and help with my issue :(

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I am 19 years old and I think I have OCD I don’t really know how to explain it, I get really embarrassed and only 1 other person knows about it. I think I have had OCD from a young age it first started with constantly washing my hands it got so bad my skin started peeling and now it’s developed into me breathing in/sniffing everything such as an odd number or a word such as “death” or anything bad, I have to some how get the person to repeat the word so I can breathe in the negative words. I also have an obsession with checking my doors and making sure the back and front and back door are checked over 16 times each, I also check the taps and the hops and also breath/sniff each step to the point I feel dizzy. Once I’ve done all of this I then go to bed and overthink each step and panic that I have missed something. I know it sounds crazy but it’s hard to explain but it’s so frustrating I just wish I didn’t have to do all of this. I also think that if I don’t sniff or breathe in the badness or each step of my “routine” that something bad will happen and that it will be my fault so I have to do it. Can anyone else relate? I feel so embarrassed about it

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This sounds like OCD. The best thing you can do is seek therapy.

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I just feel too embarrassed and I don’t understand how therapy can’t control what I think, I’m scared incase it makes me worse

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I recommend you watch the Katy D'Ath videos free on YouTube. They will help understand OCD and how it can be treated. Whilst it is possible to help yourself a good therapist (using CBT/ERP will be a big help).

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First of all do not feel embarrassed. Believe it or not OCD is one of the most common mental health conditions in the world, which means that many people including myself can relate to the experiences you are describing. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about, what you are experiencing are OCD symptoms that you cannot control right now. It would be as if a person that suffers from panic attacks feels embarrassed about them. It wouldn’t make any sense.The good news is that OCD has treatment, which means that with the right therapy everything that you have described above can stop. I would urge you to get in touch with your GP and tell him/her what you just described in this group. Remind yourself your GP is a doctor, a professional and trust me it won’t judge you at all and also it’s confidential so it has the obligation to not share it with anyone. You should ask your doctor advice about what’s the best way to access therapy for your condition. The very first step is to accept that you must seek a therapist if you want to beat OCD . Again, beating OCD on your own is like pretending that someone who has panic attacks deal with those on his own without any kind of support... can you imagine what the result would be?

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You have ocd no doubt. All sounds very familiar to me..may be time to visit the GP.. the fear of something bad happening if not performing the rituals is totally overwhelming. You have to seek advice.

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