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Please give me advice - I have really bad OCD

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So I've only told one person - my best friend - about my ocd but I still live with my family so it's difficult to hide it from them all the time and I'm so scared to tell even one person because I feel embarrassed and like they'll be looking out for it. I really want to get help for it but I can't really do so without my family knowing. I'm so scared and I don't know what to do. It's hard to keep going with it.

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How old are you? Is there a school counselor you can maybe talk to? That is what our daughter did, to get things rolling. Then I spent lots of time getting information about the right type of therapist - one who uses ERP. Your family really ought to be part of your support network - they're on your side and likely would be able to get you the help and resources you need. It is good that you were able to confide in a friend - that's a step closer to finding help. Have you tried the international OCD Foundation? Sending hope your way.

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Thank you so much for responding, I appreciate the help :) Well I am recently, 17 but I have left school so I can't do that unfortunately :( I am starting an out of school course next year however, and I think they may have counsellors there, but I am not certain. I haven't tried the international OCD Foundation yet though, how would I go about it? :) Thank you, again :)

I found going to my doctor and explaining my symptoms was really helpful. They were able to make provisions for myself at a local place to help with my OCD and also gave me information explaining my OCD which made it easier to then tell me family. Best wishes.

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Thank you :) I will try to gain the courage, it's just difficult

Hello, I don't think your odd, No one is, I learnt this from the very helpful and kind people on this website. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I too am worrying about how to tell my family. I get cold hand and feet whenever I try. I am going to try to tell my school counselor after the holidays but I'm still scared. I kind of asked a good friend what she thinks about anxiety and OCD and surprisingly she said she has OCD. I am going to try to tell her too. As you don't currently go to school, I know very well how this might sound, but try to tell a person that knows you well and they will understand. I hope with all my heart you recover.Don't know if this helps:)

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Thank you so much. It does help to know I'm not alone in this :) It's difficult to deal with sometimes

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