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Am i my thoughts?


I'm scared that my disturbing/horrible thoughts are me. Im scared i actually would act on my harm ocd thoughts. Im scared i secretly enjoy these thoughts, and it drives me crazy. I feel like im losing it

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I no the feeling I have it regularly doesn’t make u a bad person my mind sometimes lives in dark places with horrible thoughts but it’s just about soldiering on through or if your really worried seek help

I've thought about this often, but I've reached the conclusion that we are not our thoughts.

In the same way that we aren't our dreams or defined by what we want.

Not even our lives define us. We are the now, the product and response to our lives but not the entire thing.

Lindsey14 in reply to Hmz27

Im a little confused

Hmz27 in reply to Lindsey14

We are what we choose, if we have an intrusive thought to do something bad. We don't choose to do it.

It's the same with dreams there's a bunch of stuff we do in them that we definitely wouldn't in real life.

Someone who everyone sees as good is judged primarily from the actions taken or not taken by said individual and not intentions or internal views that we don't exactly know the full story of

Hmz27 in reply to Hmz27

These thoughts are unlikely to be acted on because of either fear of consequences or the view that they might be bad

You aren't those thoughts, you're the one who doesn't want to act on them as shown by your fear

Since everyone has weird thoughts, some of them unpleasant, and the vast majority of people don't act on them, it would be wrong to say that they are defined by these thoughts. The only difference with people with OCD is that we hold on to them and think they mean something.

They are just random thoughts, floating about, and for most people, they float in and out. It's only OCD that makes us hang on to them and be afraid of them.

It's not called the doubting disease for nothing. It makes us doubt ourselves, whether we are good people or not, makes us interrogate ourselves about these intrusive thoughts.

But they are just thoughts. Having an intrusive thought come into your head doesn't mean you are a bad person. The standard therapy for OCD involves allowing the thoughts in rather than trying to block them, accepting them for what they are, and then ignoring them. Then they go away!

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