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For 3 years now i have aniexty on and off. 2 years ago i confided in a family friend as they were struggling too. My fiance isnt great with feelings so i didnt want to make him fill uncomfortable. I have been with my finace for 11 years and now have a 11week old baby. I was living alone so had no1 to speak to at home only my own company. So i confided in my male friend. After a year of confiding to him, my partner finally moved in and we decided to try for a baby which i had longed for. From the day i found out we were expecting i was sooo excited and felt myself again and stopped contact with my male friend ( maybe spoke once a month. But.... from 28weeks pregnant my anxiety come bk tough!!! I was feeling guilty towards my partner for not confiding in him. Finally i confessed too my partner i think i was having an emotional affair. He was mad but understanding but why am i feeling guilt and depressed about it still?

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Please don’t beat yourself up as it’s a mixture of anxiety and hormones from being a new mum.

Your partner has forgiven you so please get on with enjoying your gorgeous baby xx

Hi bird-67 thank you for your reply. Thats easier said that done right?! My baby is the best thing thats happened to us seeing his little face light up mornings when he sees us is amazing. Im currently going through talking therapy had 3 sessions so im hoping this is going too help. Just wanted too see other opinions about his topic 😘

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