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Suffering with depression, anxiety and Harm OCD

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Been struggling with the worst harm thoughts imaginable for last 8 years. Been through countless medications. Recently moved house to live with a friend and since then my thoughts have been unbearable. Feel so miserable. Really don't know how to get out of this hole and actually trust myself ever again.

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Oh I do feel for you.

I have had harm thoughts for 53 years now but have found CBT very helpful.

Have you had any therapy for it?

It is absolutely debilitating and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

It really does feel like being in a hole! Is it the sort of OCD where you think you might deliberately harm someone else?

Such thoughts can be very powerful. They can feel very real. But people with OCD are the least likely to cause such harm. Everyone else can trust them, but they need to know that they can trust themselves!

I'm a bit concerned about the medications you've tried. Some people just don't get on with medication. And it must feel like you're messing yourself about trying different ones.

Moving house can be stressful and sharing with someone else can also be stressful. It could be that once you've settled in the OCD might settle down a little.

Hi I have harm ocd thoughts as Well it feels so real and so horrible to even have a thought like that they do subside a don't take medicine at all none work for me! We are least likey to hurt any one at all have to tried CBT?

I've tried CBT twice. I'm stuck in a hole. I feel like a monster. I feel like running as far away as possible.

Just had a meeting with a mental health nurse... He had never heard of ERP... Unbelievable

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