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does this ever go away?

I am really trying to understand OCD and pray it will go away again. I had it when my 1st son was born ( I didn't know what the intrusive thoughts were at the time. I assumed hormones. I didn't look into it much and took care of my boy and it went away) now 20 years later and alot of stress and I have the thoughts back. it's been a year. will they go away. or are they here to stay? I don't want to live like this forever. it's exhausting and depressing.

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Im right there with ya!! Its an awful way to live, Im wondering the same thing


It does occasionally go away of its own accord, but mostly it takes a bit of work. I know how exhausting OCD is, and it's not easy to fight it when you're feeling at a low ebb. But it doesn't have to be like this. Make an appointment with your doctor and try to get a referral. Meds can help as well, though they work best alongside CBT. It's often the case that OCD rears its ugly head just when you need it least, like when you're a new mother, or if you have stresses in your life. I don't think anyone ever really gets rid of it altogether, but it is possible to keep it down and to function fairly normally!


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