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All my harm OCD peeps.

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How do you guys go about explaining your OCD to people? I’ve isolated myself so much the last 6 months and when I start getting back to my “normal life” I want to be able to explain my experience in a not so crazy sounding way even though it’s a pretty effing crazy thing to go through lol. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I just say I have ocd but not cleaning excessively its were I obsess over peoples safety so much its worse with people closest to me and who I love very much. Then if they ask more questions I just say my mind plays over the most awful situations in my head what could happen and I find them so real and cant just shrug them off like most people.xx

That’s really great advice, thank you!

its an anxiety disorder.

Dont feel bsd if noone understands atleast we all do. Some people just can't unless they experience it and lets hope even the most judgemental peoplr never have too because i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. It sucks!!!!!

Me neither! It’s like hell!

I don't explain unless I totally trust the person. If not I would just say I have been feeling very low

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