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I am new and have tried so hard to ignore my symptons of OCD, I guess I believed I could take control myself or things might improve for me but instead they are getting worse. Takes me 1 hour plus after checking everything from doors, windows, plug sockets before I can go to bed. But worse are the constant horrible thoughts I have and dwell on and constant worse case situations that have really got me down, I just don't know what or who can help feel embarrassed seeking help from my doctor and not sure if this would be the best plan of action. Anne

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Utterly worthless and stupid comment from 'meself'.

Rusty, do a search on this forum, there are many people who understand your problem and have helpful advice, don't be put off by the idiotic trolls that inhabit all public forums...


Agreed, and removed it.




Pleiades you are being cruel to meself. His/comment is neither worthless nor stupid. It's just that that perspective is unhelpful to a person ensnared by the coils of deep OCD/anxiety/depression.

Rusty, you have made an important step writing on this forum and seeking help. I agree with Pleiades in that there are many people on this forum who understand and can help.


I disagree. That's why the comment is no longer there.


Many thanks to Pleiades and yourself mumtoOCDson, I always thought my life would improve, but has infact got worse, and I know that I do need to seek professional help. This forum in itself has made me feel a lot better and helped me to realise that I am not alone.


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