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Ocd ruining everything

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Hello everyone I need help my ocd is ruining everything I'm struggling day to day im making my family miserable no one understands that I'm fighting this all the time I'm awake ive recently started taking 40mg of fluoxetine and feel awful anyone had any success with this medicine I feel like im going crazy

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Hi. You aren't alone I've private messaged you. Julie x

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I’ve been taking fluoxetine for over 30 years and it does help me. I still struggle but it makes it easier at times.

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Having OCD is difficult enough for the sufferer, but it affects the whole family. Keep on taking the meds, as they can help, though for the initial weeks they can make you feel pretty lousy. They normally take at least 4 weeks to kick in. If they still aren't making you feel better after 6 weeks or so, I'd go back to your doctor. I'm on a high dose of sertraline myself and I find it helps.

It can feel like you're going crazy. Has there been any offer made to you of CBT? Although CBT is hard work, it is effective. There is usually a waiting list for a referral to a therapist.

But there are things you can do in the meanwhile. Self help books can get you started with CBT. There are many on the market, and The OCD Workbook also has a helpful chapter aimed at friends and family, which can help in explaining what it to most outsiders a really weird disease and explaining how they can help you without going crazy themselves! I've also found Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder useful.

There is a way out of letting OCD dominate your life. Although it's difficult to rid yourself of it completely, it can be kept in the naughty corner!

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I've just been referred to a psychiatrist so I'm really hoping that I'm now going to be treated by the right people I'm not blaming doctors but they only know a bit about mental health. I'm persevering with the meds even though they seem to of made my ocd worse just hoping it will settle down soon

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Meds help a lot of people, so give them a go, but some people don't get on with them. If that is you, perhaps you could try inositol, which is safe, available over the counter, and has had some good results in trials with OCD sufferers.

Most GPs know a little about a lot, rather than a lot about a little, but thankfully more are boning up on mental health. Good luck with the psychiatrist.

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No1 will understand ur ocd my family don't get the stuff I do or y I do it but iam open about it with them they still dnt get it but atleast they know the meds made me feel ruth for about 2 months but now it really helps just b open with ur family n give ur meds time to work n try therapy best meds there is they make u understand ocd n how ur brain works with ocd n how to help

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