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Photographic memory

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Also another question. Sons of anarchy was the show I watched and previously I have never been able to watch scary movies because I have a very photographic memory. Is this the reason why I am having the Intrusive Thoughts especially involving my fiancé who I have fallen in love with since I first saw him but the thoughts are starting to become a laughing matter. Like they’re so ridiculous why would I even think them but then I think about the show snapped where it’s about people who just snap and kill their spouse and I fear that will be me in the future. But I have no intention of doing any of these things they just pop up and give me great anxiety. It stops me from doing the one thing I want to and that’s get a place with my fiancé. I started taking cholin and inositol and they help reduce the anxiety A LOT. But the thoughts still do come throughout the day. Need more assistance please

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That is the way OCD acts upon you. It attacks you in what you care about most, in this case your partner! Be assured that you are never likely to act on these impulses, in fact OCD people are least likely of anyone to!

Memory is very selective, and though we all remember random things, we form strong memories most often where emotions are involved. And if they are negative emotions, the memories can be very intrusive, and as your memory is particularly good, it can be particularly hard to forget these things.

Perhaps if you concentrated on forming good memories as much as you can, these intrusive ones might start to disappear into the background. But it does sound like there is a bit of PTSD going on here, and if you can get appropriate treatment, it could help. But make sure any therapist is properly qualified and accredited, as there are quite a few dodgy people with dodgy qualifications who are good at nothing but taking your money!

I will definitely look into it!!! Thank you so much I appreciate it!

Thank you so much!! The more and more I get talked about it the less likely I feel I will act on it!

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