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OCD treatment


I've had OCD for the past 7 years, fluctuating with how much it affects my life. I've noticed it getting worse over the past month and think I need some help for it again so am going to my doctors in a couple of weeks. I was wondering what treatment options people have been offered? I'm currently on an antidepressant anyway for mood stabilisation but not an SSRI and have previously tried CBT for my OCD. Any advice/experience would be welcome.

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I'd have a chat with your doctor regarding your medication and see what he suggests. I'm pretty sure sSri is the way to go.

CBT is the way to go, try to get a referall to a specialist.

I also thought mindfulness helped to focus my mind.

Hope this helps.


It does fluctuate, this OCD, and it is possible that you need a change of medication. On the whole SSRIs are the best, though some people are still on clomipramine which can be very effective for OCD. Is it clomipramine that you currently take? Better to speak to a psychiatrist rather than your GP about it, as they are better informed on medication. GPs on the whole know a bit about lots of things, rather than a lot about one thing.

I am on sertaline with a 5 mg dose of aripiprazole to boost it. I have also found self-help books useful, and if you have to wait for CBT they can be a big help in the meanwhile.

Hope this helps!


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