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Hi I am David I have OCD and I really hate it my OCD is repeating checking and wishing hands and body fluids some times I really get stress and annoyed with my OCD if I overcome one thought one more pops in like today sorry sounds rude but if I do masturbation I feel really bad and unclean because my OCD makes me feel like this like today I got payed from work but now I have a thought that the money I work for not mind and I thoughts telling me not to spend it random thoughts like this o really hate OCD.

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OCD is good at forcing its way in wherever there is a gap - so if you get rid of one thought or obsession it pops up in another place, like pushing down a bubble that pops up elsewhere. Try not to add guilt to your problems - there is nothing to feel guilty about there, although having a problem with body fluids must make it difficult to deal with. Do get an appointment with your GP and a referral to a CBT therapist if you haven't done so.

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