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Scared to go to the GP

Hi everyone,

I am writing this because I am not sure if i even need to see a GP or not. So I'm gonna describe some of the things I do and see if anybody has similar experiences.

So, I have a 5 yr old daughter and I often have thoughts that bad things are going to happen to her. Things that I have no control over, like shes going to get ill or hurt herself or somebodies going to take her. For instance, I will think something bad randomly then have to touch my forehead then any wood that is in sight. Sometimes I have to go find wood because the wood I've touched is painted etc. Also, before I go to bed every night I go and check on her. I then kiss her on the head and listen for her breathing. Once I've heard/seen shes breathing ok I have to touch her head, then the wood on her bed, then her slide, the skirting board, the door and door frame. If she holds her breath at all during this time I have to start again. If not I feel like something bad will happen to her. I also have to check all over her room, behind her curtains and under her bed to make sure nobodies in there. If i hear a noise while im in bed I instantly worry and have to go check on her or i cant settle. The whole process starts again. Also when im in bed i often have intrusive thoughts tht somethings going to her or my partner. I then have to touch my head, his head, the wood under my bed and the slats on my head board. I cant stop the thoughts and i cant ignore the urge to touch wood, or i cant settle. It even happens at work, when neither of them are there. For instance, i will shut a door and it doesnt shut properly. I instantly think something bad will happen if i dont go back and shut it, then start the whole touching wood process. I feel that its impacting my daughters life because I am so worried that something will happen that I often shelter her too much. So much so that she says 'you're such a worry pants mummy'. I also keep having dreams that somebody takes her, or something happens and I cant protect her. I don't know if its OCD or just being a mum. Any opinions or advice would be helpful.

Thank you

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I have something similar, the thought always bad I cant say it out loud or I think it will happen I also have to touch wood, its always about my children and partner too, it can be repetitive I think it OCD but I've never seen about it I do suffer with anxiety and depression strange you touch wood too.


OCD has a habit of attacking you just where something matters to you most - so something so close to your heart as your daughter is an obvious target! Mothers do worry - I'm not a mum myself but I know from being a daughter! And OCD takes normal worries to an unrealistic extreme. So do go to your GP and try to get a referral for some cognitive behaviour therapy - it can help enormously and help you to function again. Try self-help books like Overcoming OCD. And try not to worry too much about it impacting on your daughter's life - it's obvious that you're a caring mother and she'll appreciate that!


I have had a very similar exprience. I want to tell you what helped me: You are in control. It's isn't real. I know it's hard and it's not something you can help but I promise you it will get better. You are in control :)


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