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Help OCD has returned worse

Hi , I basically suffered with OCD as far as I can remember but washing and contamination since 14.13 years

When I moved into own home I got everything new and had two beautiful boys but a couple days ago my mum charged her phone in my house and now I can't touch that plug socket and everything feels dirty

I've used so much disinfectant and bleach also I've scrubbed myself red raw yet nothing feels clean so today I decided to use that socket with hoover twice and not wash

I do ok but then I'll find something else in the house to panic over and want to clean

As I'm writing this I'm trying to resist the urge to clean my controls and laptop even though I know that I cleaned them before and now my head is telling me they're dirty and me touching them is making everything else dirty . How can I live in my own home feeling like I need to wash things and wash myself over and over in multiple of six

I'm really trying to not wash my hands and items so badly 😭

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I know just how that is! And one of the problems with OCD is that is has a habit of popping up in another area just when you have got rid of one symptom!

And the problem with the washing compulsion is that if you feel dirty then everything you touch will feel dirty - and that leads to more washing! Do try reading some of the self-help books - Overcoming OCD is a good one, as is the OCD Workbook. But I think that you need a professional therapist as well, if you haven't got one now.

Trying to chip away at the compulsions can help - perhaps if you write them down and work out where you can start, and resist the ones that cause you the least difficulty. It can have quite a dramatic effect on the impact of OCD and can make the worst and most hardened compulsions less troublesome. On a practical note, be careful with your laptop, as getting it wet could damage it!


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