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OCD tics?


I'm finding myself quite confused and unsure.

So I've spoken to doctors before about contamination worries/repeating memories/social anxiety (worrying about things I've said to people/how I'm perceived/paranoia) and identified these things as part of OCD. I also have some weird habits that go along with this, but don't seem to be linked to a particular thought. I have to repeat somethings otherwise my brain tells me that something bad will happen, but these other things just make me feel uncomfortable if I don't do them. They include:

- Waving a certain number of times in front of my face (especially when checking mirrors)

- Blinking

- Stretching in a certain way with my elbows behind my head.

- Extending my arms out

- Touching my belly button and scratching my head

- Sniffing things repeatedly 

- Rubbing my arms to my sides

- Gurning.

All of this started when I was younger, I used to blink and grimace a lot in public but as I've got older (I'm 23 now) I've managed to hide most things and only do them at home. My partner is the only other person who is aware of it. When I'm at work I do find myself blinking and stretching my arms but I can pass this off as part of normal movement most of the time. It's not like my body is doing it without my consent, I'm actively doing the movement but not because I want to do it.

Does this make sense? I've been trying to search for anyone who may do similar things to me because I honestly have no idea what it's about. I've not really had much luck with doctors and such, but that's another post in itself.

Thoughts much appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Hi, I've had OCD for over 20 years (and am living with it and managing it well for most of those now), just so you know there is light in the tunnel.  I've not come across what you've mentioned but it seems to be a way of you managing your anxious feelings.  I'm sorry I can't shed more light for you, but I'd suggest going to the OCD UK site ocduk.org/?gclid=CJSQh6SH-s... and maybe posting there or see if they can offer some guidance on what your experiencing.  I think OCD is individual for each person that experiences it and although some of us have similarities in how it presents, it doesn't mean that we will all experience it the same and fit into categories.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to me :)  I'll check it out.



My daughter is 23, most of her life she's had 'little habits' sniffing, throat clearing, blinking ... she also had severe OCD explode at age 18.  

Even though she's been seen by several mental health professionals and mentioned the little habits, not one has put 2 and 2 together ... 

About 2 month's ago my 7 year old son starting sniffing EVERYTHING, it was unreal! So I Googled, and realised that he'd had other more subtle tics before and that both he and his sister have simple Tourettes tics (my son has also recently just had his first major OCD spike).

Whilst researching I found that OCD and Tourettes are 2 of the most common co-morbid anxiety conditions and I'm shocked that all the professionals including 2 psychiatrists didn't see that in my daughter.

There are medications and therapies that can help with the tics. They're very different to any meds that you'd be given for OCD or anxiety. 

Go to your Dr and tell them that you have tics and think it may be tourettes and ask them to refer you to someone else. 


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Gosh thank you. That makes sense and it's nice to know there are others like me.


Been referred to therapy for u for CBT.

No one ever takes me seriously though because I can hold down a job and never go through with suicide. :s I've been having mood problems for years and still I get mugged off and told I have depression. Losing hope.

My mood swings are worse than ever now

I'm ecstatic then angry then sad and ticcing hard.

I feel so guilty because I feel I'm making my partner miserable.


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